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Many Russian astrologers and people who are interested in astrology are very sorry that there are no Russian newsgroups on astrology on the Internet, and they have no ability to ask questions, discuss original ideas, or simply chat on astrological items. But, really there is no reason to be sorry, because 'newsgroups' is an old and not reliable technology. Today we have more powerful and more flexible methods to do the same things, as newsgroups was invented for.

In place of newsgroups we can use the NetForums technology, those allow us to keep an eye on what is taking place on the Forum at real time, and to take an active part in all discussions. Actually NetForums are something middle between bulletin-boards and chat-rooms, because when you press "Refresh" button of your browser, you get a list of all messages currently posted into the Forum. So, as we said above, you can take a part in the discussions almost at real time. And there is no wonder in the fact that the NetForum on Astrology at was created. And so, let's start, Ladies & Gentlemen!


Thus the first of all we should come to an agreement about the rules of the behaviour at this NetForum. Please, remember that the Net is the community of the huge number of personalities, and each of them has a right on his/her own views and opinions on every subject. Disagreement with somebody's opinion is not a reason for abuse or other insulting actions in any form. The particular style of polemics, that is absolutely inadmissible in the Forum, is provoking behaviour and insulting tone of the messages. This means spiteful irony, scorn, malicious insults, disrespectful, disparaging and disdainful attitude to interlocutor, and other negative manifestations toward the opponent. In the contrary, friendly irony, jokes, humour and another positive expressions regarding interlocutor are always welcome. In a few words, the best idea is to conduct yourself that way, as you want others conduct themselves with you.

As regards the subject-matter, it should not turn very far aside from the astrology and related sciences such as alchemy, magic and other occultic disciplines. Do not post dull or vapid messages to NetForum, for example, few-words messages like "Thank you a lot" and so on.

When posting message, it is obligatory to keep an eye on the text in the Subject field, in order it fits the content of the message. Systematical nonobservance of this rule is considered as disrespect to the participants and visitors of the NetForum with all the ensuing consequences (see below).

There are 12 message types:

    Attention! The messages of all types except type 11 (offtopic) must directly touch upon the subjects of NetForum. Violation of this rule is considered as most malicious and leads to revocation of the message posting privilege.

  1. general message
    Must contain one or several serious statements and/or questions and be emotionally and psychologically neutral.
  2. Information information
    Message must contain the useful information and be emotionally and psychologically neutral. If the source of the information is not the author of the message, the link to the source is mandatory.
  3. Hypothesis hypothesis
    Message must contain the proposal or hypothesis to discuss. Mean the constructive criticism and general opinions. Irony, sarcasm and opinions on author's personality are inadmissible.
  4. Polemics polemics (challenge)
    The same as type 3--hypothesis--but without limitations on irony, sarcasm and personal attacks within the bounds of the general rules (bad language and insults are inadmissible).
  5. Emotions emotional message
    The same as type 1--general message--but without demand of the emotional and psychological neutrality.
  6. Humour humorous or not serious message
    The same as type 1--general message--but without demand of the seriousness of opinions.
  7. Question question
    Message must contain the serious question and be emotionally and psychologically neutral.
  8. Important important
    Must contain one or several statements of paramount importance for their author (without demand of the emotional and psychological neutrality).
  9. Interpretation interpretation
    Message must be emotionally and psychologically neutral and contain interpretation of the astrological chart, fulfiled in accordance with the following plan:
    1. the initial data for the chart
    2. the brief preliminary information on the examined object including data for rectification (if any), and also all accompanied information such as summary of circumstances and main point of the question for the horary chart
    3. the astrological analysis of the chart: detailed description of the used methods, and conclusions derived for each configuration.
    4. the resume in plain language without special astrological terms, that is necessary for training of the coherent text writing skills.
  10. Commentary commentary
    This type is intended first of all for replies on the messages of type 9 (interpretation), but also for replies on any other messages containing interpretations of astrological charts. The message must contain remarks on the specific interpretations only, made in emotionally and psychologically neutral or friendly tone. The non-constructive criticism, derision, reprimand and other negative/non-constructive remarks on the interpretation and about its author are prohibited. It's recommended to analyse the factors, those author paid attention to, and to analyse the other factors only if necessary. It's recommended to avoid lengthy argumentations and to be concrete and laconic as much as possible.
  11. Offtopic offtopic
    The message, that does not directly touch upon the subjects of NetForum, but that is of interest for the participants of the discussion. Must contain one or several serious statements and/or questions and be emotionally and psychologically neutral. The abuse of the messages of this type is punished by the revocation of the message posting privilege.
  12. Moderatorial moderatorial
    Contains the information on the violation of the NetForum Rules and actions undertaken toward disturber. Only Moderator can post the messages of this type.

The reply on the messages of all other types by initiating the discussion of the fourth type (polemics) is strictly prohibited. The initiating messages of the fourth type must contain the constructive opinions, hypothesis or ideas to discuss. It's recommended, if it's necessary, to reply on the messages of the type 12 (moderatorial) by E-mail.

Only astrologers and those who study or want to study an astrology can take part in the discussions. If you don't consider yourself among these categories, you can read NetForum, but cannot post messages to it.

For violation of these Rules, the posting privilege can be revoked from you by Moderator (Webmaster of, who represents the interests of NetForum community. The revocation can be permanent or temporarily depending on the kind of your violations.

The primary language of the NetForum is RUSSIAN. The secondary language is ENGLISH. If you reply on somebody's message, there will be great to speak in the same language as it was wrote.

More over, when replying keep an eye on the quoted text, it should not be larger then you own answer or comment. The good form is to delete unnecessary parts of the quoted text from you reply.

If you are Russian-speaking user, you MUST read this Rules in Russian.

The main method of access to NetForum is thru the site


If you want to get the posting privilege (an ability to post your messages and replyes to NetForum), you need to register (you may register later by clicking "Sign Up" button at the bottom of any NetForum page). Otherwise, in order only to read NetForum, please enter your full name and your E-mail below (if you have no E-mail, leave this field blank). Then press the "Read NetForum !" button. The NetForum membership is FREE and does not oblige you to anything except to conform to the NetForum Rules.

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