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Subject: Натал.карта 5: Дополнения Date : 09 Mar 2001 21:03 GMT From : КООРДИНАТОР [Denis] (brol@pool-7.ru) To : All
Всем добрый вечер! Новое письмо от нашего "подопытного" номер 5 :))) Ирина Вичайте может направлять возмущённые послания Альберту - но письмо опять на английском.... Ваш Координатор --------------------------------------------------------------------- Дорогой Денис! Спасибо Вам за то, что Вы согласились выложить мое сообщение на форуме. Что касается перевода его на Русский... Я весьма сожалею, но обычно я пользуюсь русским для моего литературного творчества, & English - for casual. Я уже говорил Вам о том, что в дни "транзита Венеры по 11th дому" я просто не могу и не умею работать "по-русски" (в смысле кириллицы, но не моих рабочих обязанностей - там работа "не по-русски" подразумевается сама собой, - увы термины "russian job" & "russian works" - не самые одобрительные в "буржуинстве"). Вы будете смеяться, но мне и впрямь проще выражать casual мысли in English, но - не по-нашему. Извините меня за сие неудобство (Если это удобно - Объясните всем остальным, что мои первые послания Вам были на Английском и я перевел первый текст на-русский именно под Вашим давлением.) But - it helps. Посему, - очередное письмо. Увы... Опять не по-нашему. Good evening! (My post usually appeared in evening, then - it seems when you will read this article, it'll be evening.) First of all, - answers. (I'm afraid some of my answers will have a lag in 1 day, then - excuse me for that.) You asked - have I any intention for second marriage, or something similar? You can see my chart for answer :). Well: Seriously speaking - I'm not. I completely have no time for that, because I MUST permanently make very many decisions in my working (foreign company usually has very many weird headaches in Russia) & "digest" great amount data for that. My family problems began in the moment, when I came home, & had supper & went to sleep immediately. In the middle of night I've usually stand up & write my "Benckendorff", or other writing stuff & else: (Now it's very deep night in Moscow - I've used to work in the night, because I can't tolerate any noise when I'm writing. It's usually great noise when I work as coordinator, but it's time, when I just make decision - not creative at all!) You can realize - in this pattern of behavior in family way I have very little time for my wife: I couldn't "drop my job", because I'm like it & it has good salary (official salary - I mustn't worry about Russian taxmen, because I usually pay every month more taxes then "minimum for living" in our country!). And I can't drop my writing, because every of us MUST have "Life purpose", & it's for me - WRITING. Do you wonder - why I need big salary? Historical works is very hard & laborious. First of my research I made myself & lose great amount of time for that. After that I've acquainted with foreign researchers in their archives & we "swap" information on friendly terms. Then my "Benck" was created & some of my co-workers begin to complaint about their problem. It's funny, but "Benck" doesn't bring me any pence yet, but - now I prefer to buy my information in foreign archives. My work becomes faster, but it's completely different prices for me now. Then I've MUST to keep my job by no means. (Do you realize - how much can cost authenticated photostat of original letter of "Vater Lustig" - Jerome Buonaparte from archive in Frankfurt? Not very much. But when you acquire these photostates by hundreds:) Then - I spend all of my free time & lion share of my money on my literary work. You can ask me - why I'm not writing now? It seems, that I've already explained - Venus now makes "volts" around my 11th cusp by Koch, then I've realized, that I'll drop any literary results of these days in dustbin in future. I've realized, that it can be good time to speak with interesting people, & "speak myself out" in some sense. Well: then I unintentionally "dropped" my wife instead. It's funny, but I still love her, but: In day when she Asked me to divorce, she said: "Do you remember when we sleep with last time? Do you remember what all of last times I've asked you about that?! And you was every time unhappy, because you just wanted to sleep! I understand that you wearied yourself on your job, but: I can't wait you all time & feel myself "forgotten & unusable"! I want to divorce!" What's point in other marriage? I Must lose my job (& I'll try to do anything to keep it), or drop my writing for pleasing my next wife. No way. My former mother-in-law helps me to keep my house (she regularly come here & bring food, clean linen from laundry & else), my daughter constantly come to me - and I'm content with this situation. I'm afraid "to lose" my daughter in the future - just that. No more, no less. You asked me about Spirits: Well, it's very interesting point for me. I've already told you that main criteria for me is - common sense. It's very funny (in first glance), but these Spirits - ring "common sense" bell in me. I'll try to explain: I very often saw in my childhood some very elaborating rituals for calling & pleasing of Spirits of Life & Healing. And I heard very many strange & weird chant for them. You will laugh, but in case of illness it's usually - helps. But more than that it helps that my grandmom was military doctor of high rank & very good standing. More than that, - when I've got hunch for history my grandmom begin telling some weird tales about Life in Russian Empire. I was hit by most disturbing fact in her tales: She very early showed big prowess as future "main priestess of Life" &: She was send with first occasion to: Medical Institute by her mother - previous "main priestess". It's happened in 1914 - when very many girls go to Medicine due to First World War. When she returned to her Altar, she became "main priestess" immediately, because my grandmom begin to heal local people by aspirin, calomel & camphora - very new trait in their "priesthood". I've asked her: "Do you feel you as some quack in those moments?" Grandma smiled: "No way. I made my Vow to Spirits of Life & Healing that I'll fight for Life cause by any means. Then I gave my Vow to Hippocratus. One Vow is not abolish another, because I believe that my Spirits of Life & Powers of Hippocratus have the same Nature. Imagine - your people didn't like Russians & believe them some "red demons from the West". They prefer to die then go to Russian doctors, or use "evil medicine". Well, I see girl with hard case of pox & realize that her parents prefer to let girl to die, then ask helps from Russian. And I realize that if I'll give girl Russian "tablets", they prefer to choke girl for her spitting out of "demonic poison" then heal her. OK. Then I'll put this crushed tablet in usual potion & say some meaningless chant over child & child will live! Yes, I know - it is Sin. But I gave my Vow to Spirits of Life & pleased them by my doings. It's The Point. Girl will Live. And I let my Spirits of Life to resolve problem with Power of Hippocratus - who must be praised for this Healing. There were happened more complicated cases. I was very young & can't fight some hard diseases. Then I've asked one of neighboring Russian Doctors to come to me. We made appearance that Russian Doctor come "to make reverence to our Altar". He saw my patient actually & gave me good advice - how to heal him. And very often - good new medicine for it. There was different side of medal. Russians were very good in fighting any infections. But they usually couldn't fight any "mental, or allergy case", because they didn't believe in Spirits. But they knew that I can fight these illnesses very well. But Russian men were afraid to go to "witch". OK, - then I came to Russian hospital as usual nurse, in usual nurse uniform & tell my chants & do all necessary for asking my Spirits to help. And Russian returned to Life. And Russian doctors asked me to give them some of my herbs & potions. And it is - Way of Life. People MUST Live - Russian, or not. Our people, or - not. Christian, or Believers in Spirits: It was my Vow to my Spirits. I'm sure - that was their Vow to Hippocratus for my Russian friends. Well, it's simple. Then - really hard case. As Priestess of Life I was strictly forbidden "to spill human blood". Fine for me. But it came the day, when I've met case of appendicitis. Very bad case. Very urgent. Operation was needed immediately. And I've met simple choice. I MUST break my Vow & make this operation, or young man MUST to die. Very hard & very simple choice. Be cursed, or - be killer. Well: I've made simple appendectomy (set of scalpels was present to me in day of my leaving of Institute) & my patient stayed alive. But all of our people said about me: "She is Sinful. Spirits will punish her for that bloody doing!" I've heard it & very often cried in night, because - it's hard to be "sinner" in our lands. No young men wanted to come to me, because I've began "cursed" for them. It's hard. It was very hard for me. Then came your granddad. And he become more "cursed" than me, & I loved him, because I've understood all of his fears, doubts, & force of spiritual punishment for his brave doing. Our people thought, that he "takes me from Altar", but it's Lie. I went with him by my own Will, because He needs me. It's very hard to be "cursed" or "mentally ostracized" in our society. And we were Happy. One point. When we fight with enemies of young Soviet Republic, some people - some atheists came to my Altar & took my mother in prison. My father was meaningless man - any husband of any priestess in any Altar is meaningless. Necessary & enough for Priestess to take him as Father for a new priestess. No more. No less. But my father tried to defend my Mother & one of the atheists shoot him down. It was the same man whom I made this appendectomy: I've cried for my Father - meaningless men, - simple servant of my mother. And I've punished myself for that appendectomy, - if I've let this man to die, my own father could live longer! And I knew - my Spirits took their Revenge in very subtle way. I've got to down from these Thoughts & my Spirits every day came to me: Then I've suddenly met my younger sister, & she said: "You are fool! You are the Greatest Priestess of our lands & all of our people tell fable story about your Power! People think now that Ancient Altar went down - not from desecrating, but - because you go out from us! They are very sorry, and all of our young men want to go to the Red Army to Serve under your husband, because you are Our Priestess! And that man: I'm sure that Our Spirits punish him for this murder!" You know - when Patriotic War began, this man want to go to the ranks, but: nobody wanted go to Army with "cursed"! Then he was left as "farmer" by authorities. When he realized - his aloneness, he hanged himself & nobody wanted to take him down or bury his remnants. (And it was beginning of War - June of 1941!) And all people said: "Spirits made their Revenge for Killing in front of their Altar!" Strange thing - this Spirits. They like to speak with me. They like to warn me - what is the best way to heal wounded soldier. Once a time I've told about them to one of very good army doctor in 1943. He crossed himself & answer: "It's very dangerous theme for talking. I always thought that you heal men due to your vast knowledge & healing ability. You know - somebody has this ability & somebody hasn't. And no education can help in this case. But I don't know. I'm really - not sure about it. If you think that your Spirits help you - then it's fine for me! I want just one thing - our patient must be live. I'm not interested - who help them,- our medicine, or your Spirits! If it's Medicine, I'll drink next time for Hippocratus, if it's your Spirits, I'd like to give any present for them - for Life of our people!" Well: about other husbands. They were good warriors & very nice men. But - no one of them never raised higher that colonel rank. They were: excellent defenders & any of our friends repeat you: no one of them didn't waste any life of any of soldier without good reason. (I've married them because of that - I knew that my Spirits would be pleased by my choice.) But Spirits of Soviet Union never were on the friendly terms with Spirits of Life & Healing. Then promotions were received by "offensive" officers. I often wonder - is "combrig" rank equal to "brigade general" rank of "posthumous praise" for your grandad? I'm afraid - not. Any general of Red Army MUST be on friendly terms with Spirits of Soviet union - no more, no less. And all of my husband - were not. They've got their "praising" & always were sent with their Regiments to the most dangerous point of defense, but: But I'm Happy - my husbands were - good husbands of Main Priestess of Spirits of Life. And I know - they was Happy themselves! Their own Spirits was pleased by their doing. But all of them was - Officers & used to Perform their Orders. Every time when my Spirits wasn't pleased with next war they warned me about it. I've carried your mother when my Spirits tell me that they will fight not with Red Army, but against it in Middle Asia. I warned your granddad & he simply said: "You know & I know that it is my Time. I have my Duty & I have my Orders. I'm not Russian myself & realize that we are on the wrong side in this war. But it's my Duty - as man of Good Blood I Must Perform it. Ask your Spirits: I request for painless Death, when my Time will come". You ask me why all of other my husbands died: They were good Red Officers & our country: Nobody can fight illness in the own midst. There are no Absolute Weapon & Absolute Power. Each of Spirits have his own strength & debility. Soviet Union chooses to create great "steel hull" for itself & makes very cruel & powerful Army. OK. But it means, that Soviet Union creates very "soft" & vulnerable spot in it's innards. Then it becomes very sensitive to any movement that can hit this "spot". And it marches with all of its might on this movement, trying to defend it's own weakness. Bad thing is - our country fight Spirits of Life of another Countries. Why? It seems, that very little Spirits of Life & Healing creates our Soviet Union - if any does. I don't like to enter this dangerous ground, but I've left Red Army in 1956. I didn't want go against my own Spirits, when our regiments went - you know where: But my third husband went & died: You see - it's very simple: people rise against some Evil Things when Spirits of Life in full Power. Paradox is - this Things is Evil for them, because they are Alien for their Spirits, but is Blessing for us, because they are - Natural for any of Soviet people! Then our Army come for them to squash rebellion. Then: Never mind". I hope, that I explain something about Spirits of Life & Healing. They are - very "Real" for me & it seems to me that they are helping me in all of my doings. Maybe - you've already realized that my Love to the Chemistry: Chemistry was always my favorite discipline & I won couple of district Olympic in Chemistry (& Mathematics as well) in my school years. (I finished Chemical school by the way.) I've checked situation with other Spirits. Now - they are Real for me. I'm sure that no one Spirit of Life & Healing take part in Creation of Soviet Union. Then - so much Hate here, when "come year of their Powers". But we have very many other Spirits & very many of them give us Great "spy Powers", or create Great Rocketry & Panzer Forces of Soviet Union. Do you realize, that "the best flyers" of the both World Wars were "Deutsche Fliegers"? Other countries had good flyers & good aircraft & else, but Deutschland had "Udet, Richthofen und Horing!" I was wondered about it in my childhood & once my granny explained: "Don't try to Fight Spirits of Air in their Realm, beware of their children in the High Skies!" - "it's the very ancient warning. It's not about famous "Deutsche Adlers" especially, but - is True in any conditions." "Do you remember that Deutschland begin usage of "Yprite" on the battle-fields, & "Cyclone" in gas-chambers? Well, it's another side of their Spirits doing. Every kind of Spirits have their strengths & debilities, their kind & evil sides of character. It's - Nature. (I personally Hate only Death Spirits - every time when I feel their appearance, I've got to go & fight them by any means, given me by my Spirits! Thank God, - any Countries that favor them is destructed now & I've left Military with light Heart.)" "Well, Russia always was weak in the Air, but it found Solution for that unconsciously. Now we are not "flying high" - we "shoot down" enemy fliers from there! It's very Russian solution & it's very pleasing for Spirits of our country. Do you realize that our Cosmonauts never "fly" to Cosmos, but always "is shoot there"?! Each kind of Spirits have their own strengths & debilities & every country must use all of Their Natural Strengths!" Then - "We make very good Rockets & stop Enissey & in term of the ballet we can very much to say!" All of Spirits have their strength. Or else. Next answer. My granny liked to use aspects by division on 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 8. She usually frowned on septiles & nonagon or deciles. Don't know why. Aspects was counted by Ptolemy orbs: Sun - 17, Moon -12, Jupiter - 12, Saturn - 8, bla-bla-bla You get the sum divide it on the half & use it for conjunct & opposition, then you subtract one fourth for trine & quadrate, bla-bla-bla (You know routine). No antises, no parallels. Don't know - why. No midpoints - the same case. The minor aspects (by no 30 degree arcs) counted only in case of creating some meaningful pattern. Then sequesquadrate between Mars & Jupiter was counted (because was counted sequesquadrate between Mars & Moon & quadrate Moon-Jupiter), but sequesquadrate between Venus & Pluto was frowned at, because you haven't any meaningful planet who can "resolve" it. In more simple way, - my granny liked to say: "Okkam tell us - don't create excessive meaning at all! Nature prefer simple ways!" I can explain it by next sample, - you can't "feel" any minor aspects in your life. You "feel" only major aspects with notably exception of "non-aspected" planet. But if any major aspect has "resolution" in minors, you've met this major aspect very often in your life & you can detect some "nuances" in it's manifestations. You begin see your chart & Eureka! - you see some third planet who "connected" with both of planets of major aspect by "minors". This minors can be surprisingly wide, but very soon you realize that you can always "resolute" your Quadrate, by this minor harmonic, or "Give Power to Lazy Trine" by some "meaningless (from first sighting) quirk". It' s very simple to use in your own life: first of all - You must realize that major aspects is easy "understand & rule", - then it's convenient to use most simple aspects. It seems to me that granny didn't find a way to use septiles, or nonagones, or deciles - then her attitude. If you can't use something for your needs, then it's bullshit for you - it's her motto. What's use for me to know that I have this nonagon? OK, maybe this nonagon can create some problem for me in far future. Then explain me - what I can do with it, how I can "resolve" it's problem & else! OK, - you tell me that it is my Karmic problem. Fine. But my own Spirits tell me - what I MUST do for their pleasing & if this Karmic problem is far from path of my Fate, then - I'll keep it for my children or my own next Incarnation. Do you realize that always & everywhere we had a great heap of great Karmic problems, but we have not any meaningful tools for "resolving" them?! Each man (& woman) has his own Purpose in this Life & he (she) MUST do everything to Perform this Purpose! It's his Cause of Existence - not "resolving" any Karmic problem, that exist in his natal Chart. (I realize that I slightly overextend myself - if it is in his Natal Chart, his Purpose, of course, is connected with this problem by some subtle & maybe weird way.) But every problem MUST be resolved in order - in proper time, place & conditions! Then - septiles or nonagones is not exist for me in my chart. God, give me Force & Patience to "resolve" all of my Oppositions, quadrates, semi-quadrates & sesquiquadrates! (Then I'll be Saint & all of my Septils, Nonagones & else will be resolved by itself .) But it is my own interpretation, - my granny left me no clues - why my nonagones & septils have no meaning for her. (I wonder about deciles & trideciles - why??? They are - so easy to spot, so "softy", so "juicy"! Why?) Strange thing. I'm sure that you've already realized that my granny was Capricorn with Moon in the Taurus. Try guess - what degrees? I'll help you - I'm not sure in her birthtime, but "something tells" that max orb between my Sun & her Moon is not more than 7 degrees of celestial arc. And arc in conjunct between my Moon & her Sun - is definitely lesser than 2 degrees! But it isn't very strange at all. Strange thing is - if you will subtract ayanamsa, you will see Sun in the Saggitarius & Moon in Taurus & will realize - why she was "main priestess of Altar of Life & Healing". If you won't subtract ayanamsa - you will realize - why she became doctor in Military! Are you wonder? I am. And my granny was. She often said: "I'm often wonder - is the sidereal chart is "Eastern chart" by its Nature? Is the tropical chart is "western civilization chart" by its "core"? Then - must we make not TWO, but FOUR charts for our needs? But it is - against principle of Okkam, & common sense. Today I'm ready to take just one explanation - subtracting of ayanamsa show you - what was intention in Creation of any Person. Tropical - what is needed from him in real Life. Quantity of ayanamsa then - is quantity of difference between Godwill & needs of our Society. But "it's a very murky & shallow waters to sail there". I don't like them. Then - you can subtract ayanamsa & you can not. But I'm wonder:" Well then: And now I return to my main topic: House placements & necessity to move for another place for "harmonization of natal chart". Or - not necessities. As I show in previous article - you can't take any "good", or "bad" inclination in natal chart as granted. Jupiter in Pisces in 10th house can be "real bastard" (& usually is!)! Surprise? Well, - next question: can this "real bastard" be "sugar daddy" in the same Chart? OK, - it's the same chart, & it's equal houses chart, but created around Midheaven. Aries Ascend & the same Jupiter is in 11th House in Pisces rules 9th & 12th. (7th & 10th traditionally seems more fruitful). What do you think about this position of the same Jupiter? And morning came & Shacherezade again interrupt her talking: Sincerely yours, Alex

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