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Subject: Re: Астероиды: Хит-Парад (top 100) Replies: 1472 Date : 01 Dec 1997 11:38 GMT From : Vladimir (VSAZONOV@AOL.COM) To : Albert R. Timashev (arta@astrologer.ru)
Доброе утро! From: "Paul Rumelhart" <paulr@sapsucker.csrv-staff.uidaho.edu> Date: Sun, 30 November 1997 06:35 PM EST There is an asteroid (Near-Earth asteroid 3753) which has a very complicated path with respect to the Earth. It has been termed by astronomers to be a "companion" of the Earth since it shares the Earth's orbit. I can't begin to explain the complicated dance it does with the Earth, but there is an excellent web page on the subject at http://www.asteroid.yorku.ca/companion. I suggest downloading the MPEG movies, they are fascinating. My question is this. Is the location of this asteroid used by astrologers? If so, then what symbols are used? If not, why not? An asteroid with as complicated a path as this one in the same orbit as the Earth (even crossing under the South Pole) but never coming closer than 0.1AU has got to be symbolic of something. Assuming astrologers would want to use this asteroid in their horoscopes, then what is the process to determine the asteroids symbolism and agree upon it? The astronomers have (not very poetically) named it Near-Earth asteroid 3753. Not much help there. Paul Rumelhart С уважением, Vladimir

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