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Subject: Terrorism and U.S. Independence chart Трактовка Date : 13 Sep 2001 01:23 GMT From : Albert R. Timashev [arta] (arta@astrologer.ru) To : All
Dear Fellow Astrologers, First of all, I want to say that we in Russia compassionate all Americans (as people) for this tragedy. But, we must note, that the Americans (as nation) incur this catastrophe upon themselves. USA bombed Baghdad, Belgrade, killed thousands of innocent people in many countries. Today's events are the equitable retribution for USA past deeds in absolute conformity with the law of karma--the divine law of justice and balance. And this we can see from the astrological chart of the first plane crash. Let's look closer at this astrological chart and its connection with chart of the independence of the United States (July 4, 1776, 17:10 EST, Philadelphia (39N53 75W15), ASC 13 Sagittarius, MC 1 Libra). I use house=sign system in tropical zodiac. 1. Opposition Pluto(t) - [Uranus(r)+Saturn(t)] precisely on axis ASC-DSC. The sudden terrorist acts (connected with aircraft--Uranus), taking away many lives in public. 2. Mars(t) with S.Node(t) in opposition to Jupiter(r) and Venus(r). Tough retribution for the past acts touching all people personally and occurring at their home (Jupiter is ruler of 1st and 4th houses), resulting huge financial losses (opposition in 2nd and 8th houses) and breaking the plans for the future and normal operation of the majority of institutions, firms and people (Venus is ruler of 11th and 6th houses). 3. Mercury(t) and ASC(t) on Saturn(r). Cruel death in public. Death by means of the transport facilities. 4. Neptune(t) on S.Node(r). "What you sow, that you reap". This is one of manifestations of the Neptune's principle as planet of universal harmony, in particular, the planet of dynamic equilibrium and circulation in nature. And, they "reap" it at their home (Neptune is co-ruler of 4th house). Did USA bomb Baghdad, Belgrade and other peace cities? So they get it back! 5. Sun(t) on Mean Lunar Apogee(r), True Lunar Apogee(t) in opposition to Neptune(r), and Neptune(r) in conjunction with Mean Lunar Apogee(r). The day of manifestation of BAD KARMA of the United States (Sun(t) on Mean Lunar Apogee(r) = Lilith(r)). Absolute inadequacy of authorities and inadequacy of all Americans at their own home (all configurations are in 4th and 10th houses, and Neptune is co-ruler of 4th house, Sun is ruler of 9th house that also gives a political vagueness). Take, for example, the ridiculous statement of George W. Bush, who named the terrorists as the cowards, while they given back their lives to commit these acts of terrorism. They are not cowards after all. 6. Jupiter(t) in conjunction with Sun(r) with orb of 2 degrees. It alleviates the situation a little. Probably, this aspect has allowed the Americans suddenly think in last minute and do not let the fourth plane to fall on Pentagon. There are other less significant aspects, but I don't think it's necessary to analyze them all. So, everything in this chart is clear. And if I worked for Washington as astrologer and keep an eye on daily transits for the chart of USA, I would note the day of September 11, 2001 as the extremely dangerous and would state the necessity to increase watchfulness at all trains and airlines, and also would offer to take the preventive contra-terrorist measures and appropriate examinations in public places. It's obvious, that authorities of USA together with the common Americans, so to say, "will come in themselves" approximately by 14-15 of September (Sun(t) will conjunct with Neptune(r), and the Moon(t) will be in Leo in opposition to Neptune(t) and then to Uranus(t) and Moon(r), and in the end conjuncts with True Lunar Apogee(r)). To this moment authorities will invent a certain rational explanation for all things happened (and convince the Americans by means of TV, that it's all true), and all American nation will proceed in a consequence from this fallacious judgement. What can this judgement be? For example, despite of all proofs indicating someone else, they will accuse Usama Bin Laden in all terrorist acts as most appropriate person, and the NATO will be forced to start a major war against him (and besides against Afghanistan). In more long-term prospect, let's look at the exact transit opposition of Saturn and Pluto on the ASC-DSC axis of the USA independence chart. This opposition is undoubtedly responsible for today's events most of all other aspects. This opposition will occur once again in the beginning of November 2001. Therefore, taking into account the configurations of all other planets, the logical continuations of today's events should be expected in November-December 2001. I don't want to guess what will take place exactly: the next series of terrorist acts, war of USA against Afghanistan, some economical crisis, or anything else. But a final result of these events will be the fall of dollar and the beginning of the collapse of the American economy. Though, not only American. Let's take it more widely: modern global economy based on dollar. And, as we know from history, any economic crashes lead to repartition of the world, and any repartitions of the world entail a major war, in last century usually the World War. And do not say then, that I did not warn you beforehand... With best regards, Albert R. Timashev

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