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Subject: Re: Astrology in Russia Date : 28 Dec 1997 19:31 GMT From : Ben Cook (BenLCook@compuserve.com) To : Albert R. Timashev (arta@astrologer.ru)
AT> Hi! AT> BC>> Could someone tell me the differences, if any, between Russian Astrology BC>> and Western Astrology. AT> AT> The primary difference is that we have no older tradition. European AT> astrology begins in early Middle Ages, when astrological knowledges AT> come to Europe from the East. But astrology (in modern sense) comes AT> to Russia in the time of Peter I (~XVIII century). AT> The reason (as I see it) is that Christianity kills to uproots the AT> ancient Russian (Slavic) religion that included some astrological AT> conceptions. This was happend around 1000 AD. From that time to the AT> time of Peter I Russians don't know the astrology, because Orthodox AT> Christianity in that time has declined the art of astrology as AT> satanism. AT> The conclusion is: ancient Slavic traditions undoubtly has AT> some kind of astrology (as ALL ancient traditions and religions) AT> as a part. But it was destroyed by the Orthodox Christianity came AT> from Byzantium. AT> At present time we try to restore ancient Slavic myths and AT> recontruct our ancient traditions. But we are only at the beginning AT> of this way. Maybe you know something about Book of Veles. It AT> is one of the trustworthy sources of the imformation on Russian AT> ancient religion and tradition. AT> AT> With best regards, AT> Albert R. Timashev Thanks for your reply, I do not know of your book but it does sound interesting if it is on the premises you state. I do not agree with how any society that tries to rule over the individual (such as the church, no matter what form) and that suppression will only come back via the collective unconscious in a more modern form. (Astrology being a good vehicle) Vedic Astrologers of India study for 15 years before becoming good. Look forward to hearing more, Regards, Ben L. Cook

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