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Subject: Re: Планета брака Date : 07 Dec 1998 10:15 GMT From : Albert R. Timashev [arta] (arta@astrologer.ru) To : Pet [Reus Petr] (pet@ticket.crimea.ua)
Добрый день! ES>> планета брака строго определена для определённого пола и ночного/ ES>> дневного рождения. А какую планету нужно считать планетой брака, ES>> если человек поменял пол? P> В любом случае планета брака - управитель 7-го дома , планета/ы в P> 7-м доме и Венера, как его сигнификатор (в порядке убывания значимости). P> Остальное - от лукавого. Не могу на 100% согласиться. Дело в том, что я уже говорил здесь как у меня работает глобовская Белая Луна - именно как "сводница" :) Так вот, я, кажется, НАШЕЛ источник, с которого ее Глоба "слизал"! На западе эта планета известна как одна из "Unknown Planets by Carl Jane" и называется Sigma. Ее трактовка выглядит следующим образом (перевод мой): СИГМА -- Позитивное проявление: образованность, воспитанность, завершенность. Негативное проявление: незрелость. СИГМА имеет хорошо известный семилетный цикл; окончание, ограничения (часто связываемые с семилетним циклом), ключевая планета связанная с Кармой, важнейший фактор во всех браках (многие заканчиваются в срок кратный семи годам). Эфемериды этой и других "Неизвестных Планет" можно найти в Solar Fire 4. Если кто-то их найдет в других программах, дайте мне знать. В заключение цитирую письмо, из которого я о них узнал. С уважением, Альберт Тимашев ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- From: wconrad@snip.net To: hekate@onelist.com Subject: UNKNOWN PLANETS Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 14:52:40 Hello All I don't have much time to get on but I am downloading "Hekate" in batch mode and saving it. Just 'tuned-in' and saw the request for the "Unknown Planets" as Carl Jane called them. Here is a list I made up a while ago--This is close to what Carl Jane had said. Many years ago, I stopped by Mr. Janes country home in Monroe NY and met Carl and his wife. He was one of the nicest and unassuming persons that I have ever met. I mention to him that I had salvaged old yellowing issues of horoscope magazines from the 1930s and '40s. I found them in a dilapidated torn down house. I am a scavenger at heart (strong Venus oppo Hades don't ya know!)--A lover of junk-- (among other things!) , anyway, I told him about some of the articles that he had written that were in these old magazines--He said he didn't think that anything he wrote that long ago would still be around. he seemed like he was pleasantly surprised at my interest about him and his past writings. He showed me around his house and we talked about Astrology. Home computers were still in their infancy and he was trying to interface a giant offset printing press to a small little computer. I ask him did he have anything that I could purchase in the way of astrological articles, booklets or even scraps of paper out of his trash. He smiled and said that he had some things to the big closet next to where we were standing, but his eyes were very poor and he would stand at the closet door and point a flashlight in the direction where some stuff was. so I helped him find some stuff input out on his table. I ask him what was for sale and he said what every you want, take your pick. so I bought a dozen or so booklets and stuff. We talked for about an hour or so than because it was getting late and also because I was returning from a trip from upstate New York and I had to get the equipment back to the terminal, we said our goodbyes with handshakes and I left for home. OK, Thats the end of the history lesson :-) -Drifter Brief keyword interpretations of the unknown planets --------------------------------------------------- REX -- Births, Nurturing, Intuitive, Elusive. SIGMA -- Positive: Accomplishment, Negative: Immaturity. SIGMA accounts for the famed seven year cycle; endings, (statute of limitations is seven years many places), Key planet connected with Karma, prime importance in all marriages (many ending in seven-year multiples) JASON -- Inner freedom, choice, (-)Indecision, "up- the-air", seems likely that it is connected with the collective Extroversion-Introversion cycle of 48 years. PAN -- In-the-middle, middlemen, go betweens, agents Negatively; Caught in the middle of controversy or situation, playing both ends against the middle. ISIS -- Yearnings, strong desire, reaching out, aspirations, desire for adventure, excitement and new fields to conquer (similar to Mars and Uranus) , spiritual victory, the Quest. On the negative side; hard to satisfy, restlessness, impatience. MORYA -- Transmutation, Endurance, Acceptance. May play a part in the development of race consciousness. HERMES -- Groupings of idealistic people, Career concerns. Journeys, Moves, Relocating. OSIRUS -- Concord, Inner harmony and balance, to neutralize conflicts, Inner peace. OSIRUS works mainly on the psychological level and has a lot to do with finding "Inner peace and harmony" MIDAS -- Material wealth and good fortune, Striking it rich, Pot of gold, Windfalls that come easy. "The man/woman who HAS" LION -- Civilization, Art galleries, Libraries, Colleges and Universities, Education, Teaching, Study . In action, LION works slowly like Saturn. When very negative, possibly be connected with illness and deaths.

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