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Subject: Personal Experiences RE: Major Transits... Replies: 58 Date : 24 May 1997 16:23 GMT From : Catherine (gist11@aol.com) To : All
I think this forum is a great idea but unfortunately I do not understand Russian. It looks very beautiful however... I am interested in hearing about peoples experiences regarding certain transits. There are many "cookbook" explanations and of course, these are extremely useful and do give much insight, however, each person is unique and will experience major tranists somewhat differently. Uranus crossing over one's ascendent, partiuclarly in aqaurius...has anyone experienced this? Did you move? How about a transiting 10th house pluto squaring a first house sun in pisces? And finally, an 12th house tranist of neptune squaring a natal 2nd house mars in aries? Loss of will, direction, confusion over values? Your insights and particulary, your experiences would be most welcome. Thank you.

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