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Subject: Вот они, эти немцы Информация Replies: 7955 Date : 17 Aug 2000 00:34 GMT From : Denis [Denis Kutalyov] (brol@pool-7.ru) To : All
Эти немцы (которые работают с упомянутыми мной тематическими картами планет) не имеют, как я понимаю, никакого отношения к Гамбургскй школе. Их зовут Петер Орбан и Ингрид Циннель, работают во Франкфурте. Они написали книгу "Personare - die zwölf Personen im Innern der Seele" (Rowohlt Taschenbuch, 1992), где излагают данную технику. Могу предложить фрагменты из англоязычной статьи, где вкратце описывается данная система: It is based on classical astrological concepts. Like many therapists and astrologers, Zinnel and Orban imagine a whole theatrical company of sub-personalities within each of us. Speaking astrologically, everyone has a Venus-personality, a Mars-personality, a Saturn-personality, etc. Orban and Zinnel have discovered that the horoscope for the moment at which the Sun first traverses the position of Mars in the birth chart is an expression of the sub-personality corresponding to Mars. Like a solar horoscope, the chart for this moment can be interpreted as a “natal chart” for that person’s Mars-personality, the Mars persona chart. One can calculate a chart for each of the nine planets, from the Moon to Pluto. The persona chart for the Sun is the natal chart itself. There are bound to be astrologers in the future who will who will set up Chiron personas, personas for the Moon’s nodes, the ascendant and so on. The fascinating thing about persona charts is that the basic idea is so convincing – that in passing, the Sun awakens the sub-personalities. Interpreting Persona Charts Here is a very short guide to the interpretation of persona charts, according to Orban and Zinnel. The Moon Persona Chart The feminine in us, our feeling worlds, the inner child, emotional security. This tells us a lot about the inner life of a person. The Mercury Persona Chart Outward mobility, articulation, intelligence, communicating with the outer world, dealing with daily necessity. The Venus Persona Chart Joy in the senses, Eros and sexual pleasure, sensual delight, the way we relate to other people, problems we might have to deal with in relationships. The Mars Persona Chart The inner warrior, self-assertion, how one takes a stand, the kinds of battles one fights, with what means one fights them and to what purpose. The Jupiter Persona Chart The meaning of life, the inner therapist, where we put the “religion” in our lives. The Saturn Persona Chart The law, our mission in life, things fate wants to teach us and things we don’t like to learn. The Uranus Persona Chart Where to let go, where to be free, and where we find the “fool” and “jester”. The Neptune Persona Chart The search for truth, pushing past falsehood to what lies beyond. The Pluto Persona Chart The battle with demons, with forces that want to keep us from life. Fixed images and ideologies. When working with persona charts, one should bear the following points in mind: 1) The most important sub-personality is the “Ruler of 1”. For example, anyone with an ascendant in Libra should take a good look at their Venus persona chart. The persona chart for the planet which rules the ascendant can give us a lot of insight. 2) The persona chart for the Moon tells us about the feminine energies of a person. Just as the natal chart is the Sun-persona chart or Yang-chart, so the Moon persona chart is the Yin-chart. In this sense it is the horoscope of the anima, the feminine counterpart. Tuning in to her means going in search of her story. 3) The ascendant of a persona chart leads us deeply into the unconscious. It shows where the unconscious strives toward the light. 4) The Sun in a persona chart is regarded as the ego of the sub-personality. Not as THE EGO!! Saturn too has an “ego”, a will-to-be. The persona-ego is always partly familiar, since the Sun occupies the zodiacal degree of the planet involved. However, there is no way in which we can tell which house it will be in. This tells us considerably more about how the sub-personality will behave. 5) The midheaven (MC) of the persona-chart shows the fate of the sub-personality. At the same time, it represents the quintessence of the path to be taken, from the (subconscious) ascendant to the “Light of Consciousness” at the midheaven. One cannot tell how far each person will go, since this seems to depend on the intensity of the individual effort. С наилучшими пожеланиями, Денис Куталёв

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