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This report is composed for the real client—the director of Research & Development department of an international corporation. Client's natal data is not divulged from considerations of confidentiality.

Person's Strength & How to Develop It

You are quite successful and unusual person. You have very strong intuition and strong foresight of the future. You're able to foreknow the most perspective directions of the further developments and to foresee the success or failure of each particular project. That's what your career is based on—your great intuition as well as your desire for changes, new undertakings and realization of original ideas.
You're very lucky in everyday contacts, communications, meetings and short trips, especially concerned with your work. You're very open and good-natured man, and it's very easy to you to establish the good connections with the people, especially with your colleagues and subordinates at work. Also you're a very good learner, and you're able to master a completely new subject in incredibly short period of time. All of that is the second and most powerful key to your career. As a matter of fact, this is the most powerful key to success in your life at all.
You have very high capacity for work, especially in what is concerned with the contacts, talks, and information interchange. You have a robust health and understand what the regular and healthy way of living is (however, as far as you have no particular reason to worry about your health, you may not follow precisely your own aforesaid understanding).
You're not the formal leader who leads the others by the strength of his own personality and set oneself as an example. On the contrary, you're the typical informal leader who sets the goals, makes the plans and manipulate others from 'behind the scenes.' Your participation in the collective work is invisible, but essential and lies in the forward planning, establishment of the contacts and partnership relations, securing of the material resources and information interchange. You should not expose yourself directly, but do what's necessary, keeping in the background. Someone may say that you have not enough personal strength to actually lead the people and that it is your weakness, but actually it is not, in so far as you manage the business and control the situation by the aforementioned ways.
Thus your successfulness as a director lies not in your personal strength, but in your sociability and abilities to inspire people and to foresee (and forefeel) the future.
Your career has to be connected with the new and original ideas and plans, perspective projects, research and development, which must result in a concrete material products.
Your personal material well-being entirely depends on the aforementioned ideas, plans, projects and developments, what is not surprising.
You have very strong and solid family. Your relationships with your beloved are steady and firm. Your relations with children are strict, but good. However if you ever make the mistake in your life and/or do not do what you were destined to do, this inevitability affects your family, including family relations, family business and real estate as well as your beloved and children. It means that any deviation from your true life path results in family problems and complications in the relations with your beloved. Such kind of cause-effect relation maybe somewhat difficult to understand, but if you look back and try to recall the occurrences of any aforesaid difficulties, you maybe understand the true reasons of what was happened then. Yet during the most part of your lifetime while you do not make serious mistakes, everything goes well in your family life, love, romance, and the life of your children.

Person's Weaknesses & How to Compensate Them

You're not a strong person, as it was already mentioned above. Partially because of that and partially because such is your destiny, you have to develop your personal qualities (including personal strength) and open your inward abilities. That's the principal task of your lifetime. You must become a Personality, maybe not too strong, but nevertheless creative and self-dependent. This will not only help you to fulfill your own personal destiny, but will help you to manage the business more efficiently as well.
The only sphere where you may encounter relatively serious problems is the higher education. However even these problems are not real, they are purely psychological for the most part and grow out of your inner fears, doubts and incorrect understanding of what is really taking place. Simply forget all these fears, doubts and uncertainties, because there are no real reasons for them.
Another sphere where you may encounter the same kind of 'phantom' (unreal, purely psychological) problems is the relations with the elite of society, the men of high rank, the men in power (excluding your direct superiors at work). The advice would be the same: forget any fears, doubts and uncertainties. Actually everything is okay.
And finally the third sphere of the possible 'phantom' (purely psychological) problems is the journeys, especially the foreign ones, the long-distant connections and the relations with the foreigners. Since you're successfully working in Russia for a long time, we may conclude that you have already subdued your uncertainties, doubts and fears in this sphere, especially taking into account that they were the least powerful of all three mentioned above.
The conclusion from all aforesaid is that you have to be more self-confident, try to be more strong and self-dependent, do your best to develop your personal qualities and pay no attention to any fears and uncertainties concerned with higher education, relations with the elite and foreigners.

Forecast & Advices

The level of your successfulness during your whole life in general is stable and steady. The most successful time in your life was in 1992-1993.
From July 2003 till April 2008 you're in the period which is most successful for business and collective work in your entire life, especially for the new developments of the existing business. During this period you are absorbed in the creative work and spend a lot of time working on the creative ideas—that's your primary task for this period. You have a strong support from the people around you, especially in the second half of 2003 and the beginning of 2004, and you treat those people as though they were your family. During this period you pay a particular attention to your beloved and substantially depend on them, the relationships with them become stronger and develop into the new levels of partnership, especially in 2006. In the course of this period you may not be contented by the level of your well-being and therefore experience doubts and subjective dissatisfaction of your financial position, but there are no actual reasons for that, and if you feel so, you should know that it's only an unequal psychological reaction that must be subdued. To advance in your success in career during this period you have to pay a particular attention to the ideological, scientific and theoretical constituents in everything, but you should do it carefully, harmoniously, without pressure or obtrusion.
The next period that starts in May 2008 and ends in November 2014 is a little bit problematic. Of course, as always in your life there are no actual reasons for the difficulties, but psychologically it's the heaviest period for you, especially in 2009-2011, when you may temporarily lose objectivity in respect of yourself and your entourage and make the most regrettable mistakes in your entire life. Thus you must be prepared to think seven times before take any important decision and/or do anything that may change the course of your life and affect your destiny. As regards all other matters, there are success and happiness as always. The most significant opportunities are as follows: great time to achieve your aims with a help of your partners and those around you (especially in 2009), the time of a very high capacity for work and efficiency In realization of new projects when you achieve a great success together with your colleagues (especially in 2009-2010), the time of new perspectives, original projects, unusual ideas, discoveries, very interesting contacts and trips (especially in 2010-2012).
During 2004 there come two most important points. In April-May 2004 there comes the first point, the check-point for your career, professionalism, and appropriateness of your aims, that finishes the situation that has been started in August 2003 and passed its culmination in January 2004. The second point is October-November 2004 when from one side the entourage sets up the conditions for your personal success and self-opening, but from the other side the doubts and uncertainty comes into your relations with superiors, and the subjective concerns arise regarding your career—do not fear and you will succeed.

Date: December 15, 2003

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