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Description of the Destiny, Strong & Weak Sides of Personality, and Individual Forecast

This complex report contains the abridged versions of three reports: description of the destiny, psychological portrait and individual forecast. It was composed for the real client, whose natal data is not divulged from considerations of confidentiality.

Destiny Description

You have an aura of the great soul that shines by its true and eternal beauty. You always wish to create a good impression; you are always on top, on a wave crest, concentrated on yourself and your successfulness. The bright splendor, pomposity and spectacle always attract you.
You are typical businesswoman whose career, work, creativity, even entertainment and journeys are directly connected and subordinated to the business. The most important thing for you in your life is your material well being. But you are not independent; you always depend on your partners and exterior financing. Only in the second part of life after making significant efforts you gain the complete financial stability and independence for yourself. But in the business your financial dependence is most likely permanent although the volume of the attracted investments is virtually unlimited.
Usually you completely rely on your partners, but the problem is that they are practically incapable of doing what you expect them to do, and that you do not understand their true interests. This concerns both business and personal relations. The one of the most important aims in your life is to learn how to do not expect from the partners more than they can do in reality and how to understand their interests in order to establish the true long-term trustworthy partnership with them.
Regarding family and home, actually you have all you need. The members of your family help you to achieve your aims and support you. At the same time it is very difficult to you to build your own family because of the circumstances beyond your control (including problems with misunderstanding of the true partners interests and their own incapability). Everything concerning family and home in your life is subordinated to your career and goals, but that is not a problem, that is very good and right for you as you have everything that you really need as regards your home and family. The only threat to them is your own mistakes, because any deviation from the right path in your life instantly results in a bad luck, especially related to the home and family, and also to the everyday contacts and communications as well as relations with your acquaintances and neighbors. But you have to understand that this bad luck is not the penalty, but the sign that is supposed to help you to stay on the right path.
You have good friends who, following their best intentions, are ready to help you to achieve your goals, but you pin absolutely unequal hopes on them and even provoke them to undertake the obligations they cannot fulfil. This results in the vast numbers of your unjustified hopes and in the breaking up the friendly relations. You may even somehow assume that your friends undertook the obligations they've never actually undertaken, so it could be the reason for a deep misunderstanding. From the other hand, there are many false friends around you as well, who just want to use you by playing on your hopes and trustfulness. It is very difficult for you to discern the difference between your true friends and your false friends. That is one more principal aim of your life—to learn to discern this difference.
For your business it is essential to establish the business and personal connections with the foreigners and foreign countries. In that sense Russia plays the special role in your life, because it is the country that opens you as a personality, helps you to develop your personal talents and gifts, and leads you to the self-realization. Russia is the place where your self-development is going on faster than anywhere. Particularly the European part of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow) is the place where you meet your providential partners and learn how to establish the trustworthy and effective long-term partnership.
The theatrical performances have very good effect upon your business, especially if you take the part in these performances personally.

Talents & Gifts

First of all you are natural born businesswoman and financier. If you get rid of your illusions and false assumptions regarding your partners and friends, you can achieve a great success.
Your second fulcrum after the general successfulness in the business is your ability to come to understanding with the men in power (both domestic and foreign) and in result to receive the investments for your business from the State, public funds and other large-scale or state instances. You always have the profitable connections and sponsors, and in your turn you become the sponsor and protector for the others.
Your third fulcrum is your capacity for work that makes your business move forward, besides your work is what makes you most happy.
You financial stability, that you earn in the course of your life by your own hard efforts, becomes your fourth fulcrum.
You have a great potential and the capabilities of realization of the huge projects; you know how to raise money. You are able to lead and organize people, but it's quite difficult for them to stand you because of your energy, and there are certain people who couldn't stand this energy at all.
You are kindly and tenderhearted, you have a lavish, generous, and open soul, but nevertheless you are capable of aggression in the certain situations.
You are sexually attractive, refined, elegant, and sensible.
You are able to look at yourself from the outside and to see the problem causes within. It gives you an ability to change, to develop and to solve your inner problems in the course of your life.
The most powerful qualities, those make you stronger as you reveal them, are the strictness, unpredictability and generosity.

Problems & Solutions

Your main problem is that the life of collective and public work completely absorbs you at the expense of the relaxation, rest, love, romance, and upbringing of the child.
You experience the great difficulties in the realization of perspective plans and projects, your plans and projects are often unreal and unfeasible, or at least they look unreal and unfeasible for others. Because of that it is very hard for you to develop your own business and to succeed in a public work, charity, and promotion of the new/original ideas and conceptions. People simply do not accept you and your ideas, and their reaction is not so unfounded.
For you there is a high risk of falling under the influence of the fanatic, religious and/or illusive ideas and ideals those lead you and your companions to the great disappointments and big mistakes. You are disposed to all kinds of fanaticism and idealizations; you have a tendency to put a certain person on a pedestal, and all that makes you the perfect object for the manipulations. Your problem is your unwarranted trustfulness, in other words you are disposed to trust certainly unreliable people and to belief in certainly false ideas and ideals—that is your greatest temptation in the life. It's very easy to you to become confused in both spiritual and financial matters. Your conformism, i.e. the wish to be good to everyone, results in people's ingratitude and even hate and puts you on the risk of being used.
So, the solution of these problems is simple. You have to remember all the time: everything that is extreme or close to the breaking point or fanaticism is absolutely inadmissible for you inasmuch as it moves you far away from realization of your plans and ideas and greatly complicates the way towards your real achievements. In particular you should never put any person on a pedestal (no matter whom), because all your idols destroy you without exceptions. You should be always on the path of balance, justice, adequacy, composure, sober-mind, and of course compromise settlements (but compromise from the both sides). There must be no open/overt conflicts and fights, but you must always thoroughly filter the ideas and ideals you do believe in, reasonably select your companions and carefully choose your advisers.
You have to pay more attention to your child, to relax and rest more often. Also you have to aim to establish the love/romantic relations with somebody (as soon as you aim at it, the required person will be attracted to you) because the full sexual life is very important to you and will positively influence upon your business.

Spiritual & Mystical Matters

Your main spiritual gift is an ability to correct the past, to work with the time, and to handle the karma. Inwardly you are the mystic and a good esoteric learner.
You bear the mark of the very ancient clan being on the stage of extinction. It means that the great spiritual powers are behind you, and that you are not living your own life and fate basically, but do perform a mission that was appointed to you by your clan [on your free will]. Taking into consideration your spiritual gifts, this mission is about to correct the past, to fix the breach of the temporal [cause-effect] sequence, and to solve the karmic problem of your clan.
Your principal spiritual aim in this life is to throw light upon everything that is unclear, tangled, intricate, i.e. to quest for the truth. Your have to get deeper into the history, to learn the traditions, to rehabilitate the cultural heritage, and do this not for yourself but for the others.
Your personal spiritual task of this lifetime is to work for the harmony and beauty, to cause the harmony and beauty around you, to protect those who are helpless and defenseless, to take care of animals, to reduce the hunger and suffering around you. You must not return evil for evil. You must not quarrel in any case. The best thing you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with harmony, beautiful things and love.


State of health: primary subject to diseases is urogenital system.
Type of sexual-role behavior: overactive, 'Amazon,' tendency to frequent partners changing (as soon as relations become boring).
Your totems are octopus, white bear, white eagle and cow.
Your stones are amazonite and noble opal.
Your slogan is 'the truth is most important than anything.'


The present-day period is the happiest period of your life. It started in January 2000 and will continue till September 2008. During this period you are most independent and you're stronger than ever, especially in the second half of 2002. You achieve success in the business (as usual with the same reservations—see Talents & Gifts) and the personal self-realization as well. Your career and achievements are completely in your own hands, especially in 2000. Very important business connections and foreign contacts concerned with the creative work are being established, especially in the second half of 2000. At the same time delays and incomprehensibilities in the partnership relations and in the creative work are taking place, especially in the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003, but finally you prevail over others' resistance and make all your partners work for you, especially in 2004. There are troubles and worries regarding your home and family, partly in the middle of 2003 and especially in the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006. You are involved into the long process of work with the purpose of fulfillment of your partnership obligations and achievement of the next level of your personal financial stability and well being, especially in the second half of 2005. However all illusions regarding your projects, all idealizations regarding your friends and partners, and all your unjustified hopes (if there are any yet) are revealing and breaking down, especially in the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006. During the period from 2000 till 2008 you simply have to raise the money and do the business, so with that purpose the new, perspective and creative projects appear, especially in the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. You review your entire earthly path and all your past partnership relations and choose your further way, especially in 2008 (the second half mostly); this is the time of the very important decisions those will determine all your further life.
Generally from March 2001 till May 2007 you are fulfilling your main purpose of your life, and your success greatly depends on the reliability of your partnership relations, especially at the end of 2004 and in the first half of 2005 when these relations predetermine your entire subsequent destiny.
The period from March 2003 till December 2009 is the time when you creative forces are directed to the raising money and securing your material well being, especially in the second half of 2007.
The period from April 2001 till June 2003 is the time of the hard work, especially around July 8th of 2002 and second half of February 2003. It's the time when the relations with your colleagues, employees, and partners are passing the test for solidity, especially nearby September 15th and November 7th of 2002 and May 22nd of 2003.
The interval from June 2003 to July 2005 is the hard time for your partnership relations (and at this time those you are dependent on them), especially around August 6th and August 15th of 2004 and February-April of 2005. Your relations with partners are the most difficult from August 2004 till April 2005 and especially from December 2004 till February 2005.
From August 2002 till August 2003 there is the most favorable time for your business, financing, and relations with the banks and investors, especially around August 7th and September 13th of 2002, April 29th, August 12th and August 17th of 2003. The period nearby March 10th of 2003 is good also, especially for the revision and correction of the terms of the collaboration with the banks and investors.
From August 2003 till September 2004 there is the most fortunate time for long and/or distant travels, business and personal contacts with foreigners and foreign countries, public activities, social advancement, and promotion.
The period from September 2004 till October 2005 is the most favorable time for your career, professional self-realization and personal achievements, especially nearby October 11th of 2004.

Date: May 3, 2003

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