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Subject: Re: Astrology in Russia Replies: 1812 Date : 28 Dec 1997 20:12 GMT From : Ian Cinis (ian@rosmail.ru) To : Ben Cook (BenLCook@compuserve.com)
Dear Ben, BC> Could someone tell me the differences, if any, between Russian Astrology BC> and Western Astrology. Well.. There are no BIG differences in general. Each year foreign astrologers visit Moscow lecturing (Alphee Lavoie was here even twice in 1997) as well as Russian astrologers are lecturing abroad (you may have heard about Farida Assadulina or smb. else:) As for me - i had not discovered serious differences. Of course, there are not absoulutely similar: 1. Russian astrologers use houses (Pete Stapleton doesn"t:) maybe more intensive than western astrologers; 2. Sometimes we use vedic schemes like "Ruler of 1st in 8th" or "Ruler of 5th aspected by Ruler of 12th", but, again, this is a valid technique and some western astrologers also implement this; 3. In Russia astrologers are mainly tropical like western not sideral as Indian ones; 4. Many Russian astrologers include and interprete Lilith and Moon Nodes seriously. I mean these points are considered to be primary objects (like planets); 5. Many Russian astrologers also use 12th harmonic of Uranis called "White Moon". It is absolutely fictious point, but who cares? If you need more info about this, please, feel free to browse Albert"s site, you may find additional info about this (arta@ in Albert"s e-amil means "White Moon", i don"t use this point); 6. We (i cannot say: never, but) VERY rarely use Uranians; 7. Russian astrologers pay serious attention to planetary configurations, e.g. stelliums, grand trines, T_squares, e.t.c.; 8. We also held conferences, workshops, e.t.c. you can examine links at Albert"s site <http://www.astrologer.ru> for more information. Most published western astrologer here is Dane Rudhyar (and i believe He is GREAT:), textbooks by March & McEvers are interpreted into Russian, e.t.c.. Of course, we do not have as many books available as western astrologers, but we have enough basic knowledge to invoke astrologer"s vision of patterns and influences. I"ve promised to start website called "Astrology in Russia", but still severely short of time to assemble everything together (however i"m paying my ISP a fee for DNS mantainence, so i already have platform to publish materials giving foreign astrologers the insights about current situation with astrology in Russia. Hope this will not take me more than 2-3 months, i"ll inform you, OK?) In brief: astrology in Russia was "restricted & underground" science until Gorbatchov"s perestrioka, after that Russians exerienced the peak popularity of "mystic" & "fantacy" (i mean the flood of fiction style books, because they were aslo limited while communists governed Russia), now the process stablized, however, there are rather few practising astrologers in Moscow and other big cities. Hope this may help. Feel free to write to netforum or directly (if you like just to chat:))) Thanks Sincerely Ian <Ian@rosmail.ru> P.S. Ben, you also can contact me via ICQ: 2510395

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