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Subject: Re: Astrology in Russia Date : 30 Dec 1997 16:17 GMT From : Ben Cook (BenLCook@compuserve.com) To : Ian Cinis (ian@rosmail.ru)
IC> IC> Dear Ben, IC> BC>> Could someone tell me the differences, if any, between Russian Astrology BC>> and Western Astrology. IC> IC> Well.. There are no BIG differences in general. IC> Each year foreign astrologers visit Moscow lecturing IC> (Alphee Lavoie was here even twice in 1997) as well as IC> Russian astrologers are lecturing abroad (you may have IC> heard about Farida Assadulina or smb. else:) IC> As for me - i had not discovered serious differences. IC> IC> Of course, there are not absoulutely similar: IC> IC> 1. Russian astrologers use houses (Pete Stapleton doesn"t:) IC> maybe more intensive than western astrologers; IC> IC> 2. Sometimes we use vedic schemes like "Ruler of 1st in 8th" IC> or "Ruler of 5th aspected by Ruler of 12th", but, again, IC> this is a valid technique and some western astrologers IC> also implement this; IC> IC> 3. In Russia astrologers are mainly tropical like western IC> not sideral as Indian ones; IC> IC> 4. Many Russian astrologers include and interprete Lilith IC> and Moon Nodes seriously. I mean these points are considered IC> to be primary objects (like planets); IC> IC> 5. Many Russian astrologers also use 12th harmonic of Uranis IC> called "White Moon". It is absolutely fictious point, but IC> who cares? If you need more info about this, please, feel IC> free to browse Albert"s site, you may find additional info IC> about this (arta@ in Albert"s e-amil means "White Moon", IC> i don"t use this point); IC> IC> 6. We (i cannot say: never, but) VERY rarely use Uranians; IC> IC> 7. Russian astrologers pay serious attention to planetary IC> configurations, e.g. stelliums, grand trines, T_squares, e.t.c.; IC> IC> 8. We also held conferences, workshops, e.t.c. IC> you can examine links at Albert"s site <http://www.astrologer.ru> IC> for more information. IC> IC> Most published western astrologer here is Dane Rudhyar IC> (and i believe He is GREAT:), textbooks by March & McEvers IC> are interpreted into Russian, e.t.c.. Of course, we do not have as IC> many books available as western astrologers, but we have enough basic IC> knowledge to invoke astrologer"s vision of patterns and influences. IC> IC> I"ve promised to start website called "Astrology in Russia", IC> but still severely short of time to assemble everything together IC> (however i"m paying my ISP a fee for DNS mantainence, so i already IC> have platform to publish materials giving foreign astrologers the IC> insights about current situation with astrology in Russia. Hope this IC> will not take me more than 2-3 months, i"ll inform you, OK?) IC> IC> In brief: astrology in Russia was "restricted & underground" IC> science until Gorbatchov"s perestrioka, after that Russians IC> exerienced the peak popularity of "mystic" & "fantacy" (i mean IC> the flood of fiction style books, because they were aslo IC> limited while communists governed Russia), now the process IC> stablized, however, there are rather few practising astrologers IC> in Moscow and other big cities. IC> IC> Hope this may help. IC> Feel free to write to netforum or directly (if you like just to chat:))) IC> IC> Thanks IC> IC> Sincerely IC> Ian <Ian@rosmail.ru>> IC> IC> P.S. Ben, you also can contact me via ICQ: 2510395 Hi Ian, as mentioned earlier and expanding on it some everyone can have different sciences for studying astrology but the final analysis is in interpretation. I like how the vedic astrologers tap into the greater whole and seem to be a voice for a person true self at deeper levels. After all, isn't this the mystical aspect of astrology? Regards Ben

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