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Subject: Re: Censorship of Astrology Date : 30 Dec 1997 16:09 GMT From : Ben Cook (BenLCook@compuserve.com) To : Vladimir (vladimir@berlin.snafu.de)
V> Hello, Ben ! V> V> Try, please, make more "Carriage returns" , because your messages are V> difficult to read. If you make your texts offline, make please V> "Carriage return" after each sentence... Sorry, because it is a forum V> software disadvantage. V> BC>>One cannot suppress the One's true identity that resides in the Void. BC>>As the void has the potential for everything, and the possibility for BC>> endless fragmentation, then to try to stem the flow is just an exercise BC>>in futility. V> V> Yes, one cannot supress it, but the development of it in can be not pure. V> For example, in the soviet time the most problem was to prove, V> that astrology can exist , and a lot of energy was spent to prove it. V> In other time the most problem was to make profit of astrology, V> and the practical problem "to find more fools who pays money" V> was more important, as the developing of the science. V> V> Maybe the best view of astrology is the vitalistic one - to hear the V> song of the fate, and to follow the harmony... V> There is a lot of harmony in the fate of everybody, the problem is only V> to see it. Not the calamities and obstacles, that (I think so) can be avoided. V> But the background (from the Void) - it can save you... V> V> Best regards V> Vladimir V> Grear reply, Vladimir; well said The interest in astrology for the masses is personal iformation whereas the fragments would be better seen in context of the greater whole.I also feel that Astrology is tapping into areas where "he who tells does not know, and he who knows does not tell" where language cannot grasp the fullness of the multidimensions. Great tool though for giving a glimpse of these realms. Next best thing to a mystical journey. Science cannot access these realms, just looks at results. Best regards Ben

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