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Subject: Re: БАЛКАНЬI Date : 29 Mar 1999 11:41 GMT From : Andrey Antonov [silver] To : Vladimir Bondarchuk [VB] (vl-bond@ns1.hmti.ac.by)
Добрый день, Владимир. VB> Хочу уточнить карту на момент начала военных действий силами НАТО. Вот отрывок из сообщений корреспондента ABC-news: B-52 launches first strike of conflict USA TODAY reporter Steven Komarow flew aboard the U.S. Air Force B-52 that fired the first missile aimed at Serbia Wednesday. Never before had the Air Force allowed a reporter to fly with a crew launching cruise missiles in combat. Here's what he saw, felt and heard during the 10-hour, 21-minute mission: ABOARD FLIGHT HAVOC 12 - Duct tape is peeling off the window frames and the plastic knobs on the control panel are brittle with age on this 39-year-old B-52 bomber. Skip - - - - - t about 1:30 p.m. (British time), "all our missiles are go and armed," announces Lt. Andrew McWhorter, who along with Capt. Greg Pugh works the suite of weapons controls in a windowless compartment below the pilots. But it's still nearly four hours until the scheduled launch time. Once the missiles are armed, the B-52s go through a series of careful maneuvers designed to help set the guidance systems inside of the missiles. Notoriously ugly on the ground, the B-52's wings take on a graceful curve and they look sharp in formation. But the guidance maneuvers break the formation as the planes weave to and fro, like dancing bears in the sky. Civilian air traffic controllers begin to query the jets, which provide few answers to maintain the secrecy of their mission. The radio picks up a call between commanders and one of the two B-2 Stealth bombers that will follow the missiles into Serbia. The Stealth's call sign: Darth (as in Vader) 71. At 4:05 p.m., the crew receives the code phrase: "Rock 'n Roll." From a NATO command ship off the coast of Italy, the mission has been given the final go-ahead to launch. The sun is setting as the six remaining jets arrange themselves into two lines for the missile launch. They're hundreds of miles from Serbia, somewhere off the Italian coast. Havoc 12 moves into the lead, replacing Havoc 11, which has two missiles showing electronic problems. Quickly, the crew loads new computer tapes to reprogram the missiles for the lead position. Если я правильно понял речь идет о 16:05 по Гринвичу. Андрей Антонов.

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