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Subject: Re: Затмения и Землетрясения Replies: 4248 Date : 01 Apr 1999 08:29 GMT From : Yordanova [Tatiana Yordanova] To : All
Здравствуйте все! Y> Позвольте продолжить о Затмениях и Землетрясениях. Y> Хочу привести данный в статье (Diana K. Rosenberg) разбор Затмения над Y> Лиссабоном (26.10.1753/10:27 AM LMT 38N43 9W10). Завершение разбора Затмения в Лиссабоне. Non only was the eclipse conjunct crippling *Khambalia, lambda Virginis, and black hole Centaurus A, but Jupiter was transiting the stars of the fiery Lion`s mane, Uranus was stationing conjuct the perihelion degree of Mars, Saturn was aligned with devouring black hole Sagittarius X-4, with the AC, Ceres, Juno, Chiron, Jupiter`s antiscia and the Arabian Part of Death also on black-hole degrees, and comet Chiron. Associated with cracking, breaking and death, joined pluto on the AC (1990 precession correction 3:17). The Uranus/S.Node midpoint was 0 Aries, sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Even through black holes, asteroids, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto hadn`t been discovered yet, an astrologer of the day would have been able to see that there was grave danger to the city: the Part of Commers (AC + Mercury - Sun) is on the AC, exactly squared by solstice point of the Arabian Part of Peril (AC + Ruler of the 8th - Saturn); the "Mars Part", usually called the part of Passion (AC + Mars - Sun), is in a death-quincunx to the AC/Part of Commerce conjuction, and its solstice point on the DC is sesquiquadrate the eclipse. The Moon, ruler of the 8-th House of Death, is quincunx the IC, and the Part of Death squares Mars, its ruler. Although an astrologer would have foresseen an earthquake. (I would have guessed fire. And would have been partially correct). According to Barbara Watters, any planet in the degree of the Lunar Nodes is in a "fateful" and dangerous position; Venus culminated in the degree of the Nodes (in a death- quincunx to the S.Node) with Juno of helplessnes; they squard the solstice point of Saturn, their antiscia emracing the IC. Ceres and the antiscion of the eclips conjuncted in another "degree of the Nodes" on the cusp of the Placidian 3rd, the 12th House of misfortunes of the homeland 4th. The solstice Point of Uranus conjuncted the N.Node, and that of Mars conjuncted the vertex (fated, uncontrollable events in the immediate environment) in the house of death within 1o of d square to the Nodes; Jupiter (natural ruler of established religion), rich, fat and arrogant in Leo (terms of Venus, face of Jupiter), in dignity and triplicity, cast an apparently benevolent trine to the AC he ruled. Jupiter was in the 8th House of death conjunct asteroid Gaea on cruel and destructive *Algenubi, epsilon Leonis, forming a sinister sesquiquadrate to Saturn; in a coflict between them, Saturn would eventually dominate, dignified by sing, and even though beneath the horizon, he`s coming to ascension. A trine is not only a benefic 3rd harmonic aspect but is also 3x40o, the 9th harmonic of Plutonian endings. In any eclipse the house with Leo on the cups is automatically afflicted; the house behind it, ruled by Cancer, is intesified because the Sun, ruler of Leo, is being eclipsed by the Moon, ruler of Cancer. Here the 9th (church, concept of God) will be eclipsed by coming events; the abysmal behavior of the Inquisition during the disaster shocked Europe and resulted in the weakening of its power. At the Libra Ingress immediately preceding the Lisbon quake (see Chart 3), the AC was aligned in latitude and declination with *alpha Librae, the great "South Scale" star of karmic justice, long associated with the loss of possessions in time of war or disaster. (Pluto was at this star during the San Francisco quake of 1989; in ancient China the stars of the scales of Libra were called "The Fondation of Nature") Neptun and CERES culminated on cruel *Acubens and royal-and-violent *Regulus. The rulers of the Earth Houses were the natural Fire sing rulers - Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun; they were all afflicted, and in poor cosmic state. At the Ingress, the Moon, which in mundane chart is the ruler of the common people and environmental conditions, was in the degree of her evaltation (opposing the eclipse degree) in the Mutable Earth house, in a death in conjunct to Mercury, ruler of the 8th. She was last over the conjunction of Uranus ('Achernar, alpha Eridanus) and the S. Node, forming a dexter septile to them, next conjuncting Mars, whom she disposited, in the 8th House of death. Her dispositor Venus, in fall in Virgo, was fatefully conjunct the N. Node, squared by the Arabian Part of Death. As Lisbon is traditionally governed by Libra, the sign of Venus's dignity, and Portugal by Pisces, her exaltation, Venus's poor cosmic state at the eclipse, the ingress, and the quake itself seems significant. Mars and Saturn afflicted the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, all on the Aries (world) axis. There is no need for more.... Chart 3 1755 Libra Ingress 23.9.1755/9:58 AM LMT 38N43 9W10 Lisbon Всего доброго. Татьяна.

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