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Subject: re: President of Yugoslavia Replies: 9239 Date : 15 Oct 2000 22:32 GMT From : Duska [Duska Radivojevic] (akoidus@ptt.yu) To : All
Dear Russian astrologers, At first, I was very surprised with A. Timashev’s answer and then with silence of other astrologers. I must tell you that I am not absolutely shore about exact time of Kostunica’s birth (information about ascendant at 20 degree Virgo was published in Belgrade journal “Glas javnosti”), date is correct. Dear Karin, I would be grateful if You inform me about data You work with. Anyhow, if Kostunica’s ascendant is on 20 degree Virgo – his Sun, Moon and Mercury are in 7th house (not in 8th house) and Jupiter in 11th (not in 12th house as Timashev calculated). Concerning ideological part of Timashews answer, I think that for an astrologer it is very dangerous to incorporate his own ideology or feelings and emotions in an astrological interpretation. Duska, Yugoslavia P.S. Dear Dmitry, I would like to know on which base did make your opinion?

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