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Consulting Service of the Russian Professional Astrology

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TopList is a home site for the following independent projects:
  • Astrological Robot by Albert Timashev
    Astrological Robot by Albert Timashev makes your personal horoscope, gives you forecasts for everyday or for any period of time, tells you about your relations with other people and organizations. The only you should do is enter the correct date, time and place of your birth. The Robot works in Russian ONLY.
  • New Astrological Encyclopedia by Denis Kutalev
    New Astrological Encyclopedia (NAE) includes the articles on the easily understood list of terms, ideas, methods, conceptions of different schools and directions in astrology. The total size of the Encyclopedia is more than 6 volumes. The Encyclopedia is presented in Russian ONLY.
  • Astroprocessor ZET (Russian version) by Anatoly Zaytsev
    Astrology software with lots of information, plenty of detail for the experienced astrologer. "Alive" natal chart, astro-cartography, 3D astro-planetarium and many mach more.
  • STALKER by Pavel Karev
    The family of unique astrological programs. They are able to satisfy the professionals as well as understandable for the beginners.
  • Astroprocessor GERMES by Konstantin Marikutsa
  • Alfred Witte and the Hamburg School of Astrology
  • Nostradamiana by Alexey Penzensky (Prophecies of Nostradamus)
  • Russian Astrological Medical Server by Igor A. Ilyasov
  • Doctoral Dissertation On Astrology (in Russian) by I.Yu.Podolsky
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Consulting Service of the Russian Professional Astrology
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