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The Colorpsychology of the Zodiac
by Vitaly Vetash & Semira

Considering different descriptions of Zodiac types, a modern astrologer often finds a correlation of the Zodiacal signs with different colors. And in the most of cases this information seems to be only an occasional descriptive characteristic of the sign and is not seriosly used in astrological practice. But every color has its own psychological meaning and a certain influence on our psyche; and for a medieval astrologer the search of such analogies between the material and spiritual realms was a necessary instrument of work with the human soul, the base of magic procedures and a key to the mysteries of the world.
Now the need of reconstructing of the vivid plenty of images in astrology requires a serious analysis of immediate perception traditions, and here the help of achievements of colorpsychology, a modern science, is possible. The immediate influence of the color on human psyche is one of the simplest means permitting us to understand and depict unconscious processes.

In different descriptions there occur divergences in color interpretation of the signs and the planets. But the obvious divergences often turn out not to be contradictory when we compare the systems in which the interpretation is made. That is why for a correct correlation of the color and the sign, it's important to consider mutual correlations of colors in the system of the whole Zodiacal cycle. Likewise, when one color is assigned to different planets or signs, we should find a common characteristic between them that reflects this color - and for a more strict definition, associate the color with the sign that manifests the quality of the color brighter.
For example, the violet in different descriptions is assigned to Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. That color reflects the quality of changeability and duality, speaking in the astrological language - mutability, which is a common feature of these signs. But considering the characteristics of violet in full: mysticism, gloom, sinking into the depth, hypnotism - we can define it as the main color of Pisces and Neptune.
Making a strict correlation between signs and colors, we tried to find the dominating color of a sign in the system of psychological correlations in Zodiac. In the description the psychological and physical characteristic of a color is followed by the corresponding sign, planet and house, in conclusion.


SCARLET-RED - evokes the state of activity, aggressiveness, excitement, boldness, frankness and delight, that is the impulse of energy, heat, and ardor. It is the most intensive (the most chromatic) color, irritating physically, masculine, powerful and rude, choleric, it percepts like same thing present in time. In the day light it is the brightest of the colors, but it becomes less distinctive in the twilight - its power doesn't spread to the quiet and soft nocturnal world. This color corresponds to the active triangular form and anything with the red surface seems sharp and dynamic.

YELLOW-GREEN - liberates and renews feelings, fascinates by softness and calm, evokes the impression of nature, emotional satisfaction and peace, pleasure and charm, enchantment and affection. Green is defensive and cautious, weakening and static, a feminine color of passiveness and peace, wisdom of nature, eternal life and hope. It has the passive and harmonic oval form.

ORANGE-YELLOW - emancipates, predisposes to contacts, interaction, intensive search and vividness. Yellow is the most open, youthful, joyful and slight color, directed to the future, sociable and restless, eccentric and quick. It demolishes the limitations and runs out of any form, makes distances shorter and approaches things: when painted in yellow, they, reflecting the light well, attract our attention. Yellow can correspond to the form of a six-ray star, running out in the sides.

LIGHT EMERALD - called "lunic" in the Orient - the color of perception and intuition, dismissal and isolation, inner emotionality, changeability and freshness, ideal femininity. That tinge of green, in comparison with the green color of Taurus, is more slender and cool, compliant but hidden, emotionally instable, sad, inwardly mobile, outwardly inert, strange and dreamy. It reflects the feeling of vulnerability, apprehension, in the twilight it becomes lighter and luminiscent, in the day light it grows dim and dark. The color has the feminine form of the long oval.

RICH ORANGE - stimulates, strengthens, fills with force and health, gives the impression of the constant flue of energy. Orange is the hottest, widest and the most pleasant and positive color, reflecting the balance of will and possibility, consciousness, ripeness, abundance, happiness and sexuality. It ensures, supports, and evokes appetite, awakes, but not excites, and tends to embrace space. Orange corresponds to the form of the wide rhombus that joins the diversity of yellow and the strength of red.

GREY - restrains, neutralizes, analyzes, and distributes. It is the color of modesty, renunciation, accuracy and mentality. As a merger of white and black, it joins the oppositions and can approach extremities. It is the least "colorful" (chromatic) color, including all the colors in the integral form. Associated with rationalism and control, this color seems to abdicate from the vivid shine of the others. There is some devotion in it, but also some wreckness and cynicism of a ruthless analysis, capability to sharp changes and at the same time, flexibility, adaptability and practicability: it is difficult to obscure the color. It corresponds to the rational rectangular form.

LIGHT-LEMON - the most slender, tender and uncertain color, tends to merge with white that is the balance of all the colors. There is some artificiality, piquancy, weakness and indecisiveness in it. At the same time, it is light, cautious, changeable, and attractive. It tunes on aesthetic perception and sympathy, and consoles. This tinge is less intensive, than the bright yellow color of Gemini, more static, modest and harmonic. It orients to the mold contact but also evokes the feeling of insecurity and unreliability, concealed ruse, and treason. This color has the form of a long hexagon (with concave sides), it reflects the light well, diminishing its intensity a little.

DARK RED - the color of emotional saturation, passion, power, suppression, demand, sublimated activity, suffering, threat and strained temper. It is erotic and evokes instincts. In contrast to the red of Aries, this darker tinge of red is less open, more secret, not positive and tense: there is some concealment and hardness in it, because of its saturation, it causes more emotional than physical excitement, as red of Aries. This color correlates with the form of the triangle, the top below and the upper side round, like the heart.

ULTRAMARINE BLUE - the most transcendent, spiritual color of the dark sky with stars and space, directs into infinity, gives inner assurance, interest in the mundane experience, the color of faith and religion, tradition, loyalty, straightheartedness and upper harmony, fascination by the sublime. According the statistics, blue is the most preferable color that points to its "leadership" and "authority" between the other colors. Blue has the form of the ideal circle, inspiring the feeling of inner support and solemnity.

BROWN-BLACK - the hard color of matter, reality and affinity, conservatism, stability, concentration, work, demands, principles, silence and ambitions. Black is the most concentrating and the hardest color - the color of protest, judgement, renunciation and isolation, time and death as absolute finality. It does not reflect the light and creates the feeling of hardness, seriousness, pessimism, compression, and darkness. It corresponds to the restricted and closed, the stable form of the square.

LIGHT BLUE - inspires the sense of infinite perspective, enlarges the space and manifests the subconscious, makes the impression of clarity, affection, friendship, separates from the reality, tunes on dreams, endeavor of supernatural and carelessness. Blue is the color of thought and fantasy, born from physical passivity, it is the most distant and cold color, with remoting contours of things, tuning on renovation and travelling. It has the form of circle, widening and dissolving into space.

LILAC-VIOLET - the unstable color of inner contradictions and gloom, mystery, melancholy, alien influences, repentance and patience, sanctity. Violet is the deep color of fascination, magic, supernatural, mystic and mysterious, incomprehensible, it has the deep and even suppressing influence on the psyche, intoxicating the mind, hypnotic and meditative. It has the circle form with wavy contour.

* * *

The signs of the Zodiac have the most widespread characteristics of astrological notions, and that is why for their description the whole gammas of colors occur. Below for a more concrete depiction of signs, the combinations of colors are given below. They can characterize decanates of the sign but also relate to the sign as a whole. We can determine the color combination of the decanate through its psychological particularity. At first the short characteristic of the decade is given, then the colorpsychological meaning of the corresponding combination.

1 DECANATE. The first impulse of the new, weak but bold, breaks the fetters of the past, overcoming the obstacles.
Deep red and white - the birth of impulse, awakening of energy, revival, passion and purity.
2 DECANATE. The impulse grows and affirms its will.
Red and light yellow - energy and warmth, positiveness, light and joy.
3 DECANATE. The impulse deepens into matter, meets resistance and the intercourse begins.
Scarlet and turquoise - emotional excitement, amorousness, and inspiration of life.

1 DECANATE. The call of the spring nature stimulates the revelation of the sensual world.
Yellow-green with the deep blue - emotional sensitivity, changeability of feelings, impressions and desires.
2 DECANATE. The stream of emotions is calmed down by nature's comforting presence.
Salad-green with beige-pink - soft excitement, natural comfort and calm possession.
3 DECANATE. Peaceful wisdom of material experience imparts understanding, desires and points a way to realizations.
Light green with brown - reminds of the natural combination of verdures and the soil, making impression of inner peace, persistence and security, construction in the natural rhythm.

1 DECANATE. Mental imagination observes different possibilities.
Lemon-yellow with grey-lilac - intellectual inspiration, duality, unstable connection, changeability of thought.
2 DECANATE. Comparison and controversy establishes the logical connection.
Light-orange and grey-blue - rational polarization, ties and their logical reflection.
3 DECANATE. Information derived from the whole creates a harmonic interaction of the parts.
Yellow and grey - tunes on curiosity, contact and gives the sense of participation and flexibility through the practical application of ideas.

1 DECANATE. Intimacy turns to the inner source of senses.
Turquoise-green with lilac-pink - unstable feelings, inner vibration, sentimentality, need to connect with the external support.
2 DECANATE. The aim toward manifestation makes a stable mechanism of switching from the inner reception to the outer.
Light-emerald with deep-blue - flexibility, slender perceptivity, moderation, fantasy, but also dismissal and hidden dissatisfaction.
3 DECANATE. Genuine imagination flows into the spontaneous reality.
Green and white - purity and freshness of emotions, contemplation and eternal hope.

1 DECANATE. The personal will operates energy, presenting proud consciousness of the individual ego.
Orange with brown - heat, energy and mass, steady rush, pressure of will.
2 DECANATE. Plenty of being leads to material and spiritual abundance.
Dark-yellow with purple - creates the impression of solemnity, abundance and dignity, nobility and triumph, spiritualization of matter.
3 DECANATE. The energy of personal will is realized in the power and self-devotion of the leader.
Beige with dark-red - the strain between material comfort and the force of passion, struggle and joining with multitudinal, tangible, notable power.

1 DECANATE. Constant work conserves energy in a dynamic balance.
Khaki with light brown - keeps the feeling of heat passing away, dryness, security and comfort, natural pragmatism and order.
2 DECANATE. The structural organization of the whole controls natural processes.
Lilac-grey with dark green - analysis and connection, economy of energy, passivity, restriction and hidden pretence.
3 DECANATE. Neutralization of the personal in favour of perfect service.
Light-grey with dark blue - accuracy and precision, mentality, neutrality, industry, impersonality and emotional indifference.

1 DECANATE. Sympathy for the partner helps the mutual understanding.
Light lemon with pink - causes sympathy, delight, affection and charm, amiability, but little indecisiveness.
2 DECANATE. Definition of measure leads to the establishment of harmony and balance.
Beige with sapphire-blue - balance of the distant and the near, the spiritual and the material, perceptiveness of thought and comfort of the body, toleration.
3 DECANATE. Delicate understanding of the relationship as the analogue of higher spiritual laws.
Lemon-yellow with turquoise-green - makes the impression of politeness, attentiveness, quiet optimism, humor and vivid changes.

1 DECANATE. Exactingness toward oneself and the world in the pursuit of truth.
Red with dark grey - suppresses feelings and creates the impression of a hidden force, concealed threat and danger, rigid analysis and vindictiveness.
2 DECANATE. Deep consciousness of hidden processes gives power over them.
Dark red with pale green - creates feeling of mysterious twinkle, extraction, concealed passion, the integration of inner life-asserting forces with surface inertia.
3 DECANATE. Intense sensitivity penetrates mysteries of life and death.
Deep pink with dark emerald - reflects refined sensitivity and hidden strain, emotional demand and insight, temptation.

1 DECANATE. Activity of the mind recognizes dynamic forces ruling the world.
Blue with dark scarlet - dynamic connection of controversies, comparison and sharp manifestation of different forces, unity of power and sublimity.
2 DECANATE. Succession of traditions manifests the spiritual richness of the world.
Violet with turquoise-blue - makes the impression of the cosmic light radiating from the depth, the connection between the secret and the manifest, represents idealistic romantics.
3 DECANATE. Ideology and ritual consolidate the objectivity of recognized truths.
Ultramarine with purple - symbolizes firm authority, substantial and sublime, pretence and dogmatism, magic ritual, spiritual dedication.

1 DECANATE. Basing on a solid foundation helps to consolidate the personal understanding of predestination.
Black with grey-blue - the combination focuses on restriction and responsibility, discipline and regimentation, limiting the perspective.
2 DECANATE. Persistence directed toward an aim overcomes obstacles.
Dark-brown with white- expresses powerful and obstinate pressure, slow and definite advance, demands and heaviness.
3 DECANATE. The goal achieved is transformed into material results.
Black with beige - gives the sense of reality, substantiality of matter, firmness, definiteness.

1 DECANATE. The freedom of creativity broadens the horizons of the world.
Radiant blue with light-yellow - makes sense of openness, light, spontaneous perception and creativity, clarity of mind, liberation from everyday problems.
2 DECANATE. The beam of intuition reaching everywhere explores the unknown.
Deep-blue with white - opens the perspective, reflects distance and coldness, light and purity, dream and renewal.
3 DECANATE. Removal the illusion of an ideal separates from reality.
Blue with light-lilac - expresses illusions and doubt regarding manifest reality, melancholy, sexlessness, utopian states.

1 DECANATE. Acceptance of the will of fate gives birth to mystical inspiration.
Violet with white - gives the impression of sinking into the depth, humility, repentance and purification, absolutism and fatalism, symbolizes the eternity.
2 DECANATE. Cosmic vibrations penetrate the living tissues of the word.
Dark green with light lilac - evokes the feeling of hesitation, deep influences, inertness, swings from unity to distraction.
3 DECANATE. Inner resonance of the soul with the Universe promotes its selfmanifestation.
Violet-blue with red-lilac - has hypnotic suggestion, intoxicates, inspires, causes emotional excitement, reflects transformation through and inner to outer transformation and back again.

Man's eye distinguishes over 700 nuances of color. Certainly not all the combinations were included in the characteristic of the decanates. Only pairs of color describing the signs as a whole were elected. Theoretically, we could assign to the different pieces of the Zodiac all the Plenty of color tinges. But our eyes detach not all the tinge as equivalent - as we use not all the sound in the speech: any language has a definite set on vowels and consonants. So in the system the accent is made to the most independent tinges of color and their meanings in the combination, permitting to define the distance needed to distinguish between the colors correlated closely.

* * *

The definition of the color correlations to the signs of the Zodiac (and also to the planets and the houses) gives the opportunity to design the color-horoscope of the individual. It will include colors of the signs in the inner circle, colors of houses in the outer, and the spots of planets on the circumference. The chart influences to the subconscious, creating along with the mental analysis the wholeness of perception. It also can be the base for creating the artificial image of a person. For people inclined to develop and use the extrasensory capabilities, it gives the possibility to work with the chart through the color vibration.
The wider practical application of color in the connection with the horoscope will evidently show the future of colortherapy.
Some words about the interpretation of aspects in the colorhoroscope. Aspects can be regarded as the combinations of colors with the different intensity, that makes dynamic influence on the psyche. According this, an aspect of conjunction adds brightness to the colors, an opposition makes them more pastel, a trigon softens the contrast between them, a square intensifies it, a sextile makes the tinges of the colors closer (for example sextile of red Mars and blue Jupiter is regarded as the combination of orange-red with blue-green).
The work with the parameters describing the static picture of the horoscope is more simple. The colorhoroscope helps to manifest the psychological characteristic of planet through the color background of it's position in the sign and the house.
Using the color combinations for finding and rectification of the Ascendent also gives good results. It is noticed that people usually prefer and recognize themselves in the colors of the decades where are the Sun, Moon and the Ascendent.
To awake our subconscious apprehension is one of the tasks of astrology, the using of the color analogies promotes it. But it is important that the search for such analogies was not only intuitive and occasional: only a developed theory gives a good practical application.

* * *

The most of astrologers aren't used to operate with colors in the practice, and the simple approximate method to find the person's color combination according to the horoscope is suggested below. Besides the sign of Zodiac, where the Sun is, you need to define the second most important accent of the horoscope (that may be the strongest planet of the chart, or the sign of which it rules: the second accent should be found when regarding the picture at whole). In the table you can find colors characterizing a person, according to the sign and the second accent of a horoscope denoted by the planet.

second accentcolors of ARIEScolors of TAURUS
Marsbright redred-ruddy with green
Venusred with yellow-greenyellow-green, salad
Mercuryscarlet with lemonstraw-yellow with green
Moonpink-red with turquoiselight green, turquoise
Sunred and yellow, bright orangebright yellow with brown, saffron
Ceresred and grey, silverygreen and khaki
Chironbrick-red with straw-yellowpink and turquoise, beige
Plutodark red, rubygreen with crimson
Jupiterred with blue, purpleblue with brown, crimson
Saturnbrown-reddark green and brown
Uranusscarlet with whiteblue with yellow
Neptunedark red with lilacblue-lilac with green

accent planetcolors of GEMINIcolors of CANCER
Marsscarlet with greypink-scarlet with blue
Venusbeige, dark-yellowgreen with light blue
Mercurylemon with greylilac with lemon
Moonlemon-greenlight emerald
Sunyellow-orangewhite with pink, pale-orange
Cereslilac-grey and straw-yellowlight green and silvery
Chironbeige and lemonturquoise with pale-yellow
Plutogrey with bright pink,lilac with emerald
Jupiteryellow with blueazure-blue
Saturnyellow with black,greydark emerald
Uranuslight-orange with light-bluelight-lilac and light blue
Neptunegrey-lilac and violetviolet and white

accent planetcolors of LEOcolors of VIRGO
Marsred-orange, scarletgrey with dark red
Venussaffron-yellowgreen and khaki
Mercurylight orange and straw-yellowlight grey with lemon
Moonlight-golden with pink, light-yellowlight green and silvery
Sungolden and orangebrick-red and beige
Ceresyellow with grey, light browngrey and silvery-green
Chirongolden and beigelemon-green and beige
Plutoruby and dark ruddyblue-green and dark grey
Jupiterpurple with yellowdark azure and silvery-blue
Saturnbrown and bronzebrown and dark grey
Uranuswhite and yellow, light orangedark blue with white, light grey
Neptunecoffee-brown with lilacgrey-lilac with green

accent planetcolors of LIBRAcolors of SCORPIO
Marsscarlet with yellow, light brick-redred with grey, dark pink
Venusyellow with greenpink with brown-green
Mercurystraw-yellow with light grey-lilacgrey with pink, grey-emerald
Moonturquoise and pale pinkpale green and lilac
Sunorange with whitedark ruddy and ruby
Ceresochre and khakisilvery green and dark grey
Chironlemon-green and beigesorrel with pale green, pink
Plutopink with green,sorreldeep red with green
Jupiterblue with beigedark scarlet with deep turquoise
Saturnlight-brown, sandblack and dark green
Uranuslemon with bluepale orange with dark blue
Neptunelight lilac with pale brown, soft greenemerald with deep lilac

accent planetcolors of SAGITTARIUScolors of CAPRICORN
Marsred with blue, bright scarletred-brown
Venuscrimson with greenbrown with green
Mercurygrey-lilac and light bluelemon and black, ochre
Moonturquoise and azuregreen and grey-lilac
Sunpurple with saffronbrown and white, dark ruby
Ceressilvery and grey-bluesteel-grey
Chironroyal blue with beigebeige, coffee-brown
Plutoruby with turquoiseblack with ruby, deep green
Jupiterbright blue and purplebrown with blue, deep blue
Saturnultramarine and dark rubyblack and dark brown
Neptunecrimson-violetdark-violet and black

accent planetcolors of AQUARIUScolors of PISCES
Marsscarlet with white, light orangered-lilac
Venusturquoise with yellowturquoise and brown-green
Mercurylemon with grey-lilacgrey-lilac
Moonlilac and pale bluelight emerald and pale lilac
Sunorange with white, yellowbright lilac with yellow, white
Ceresgrey-blue and light grey, silveryblue-green and grey-blue
Chironstraw-yellow with bluesoft green and coffee brown
Plutoorange with azure, deep blue-greendark lilac with deep emerald
Jupiterdeep-blue white light bluecrimson with blue, ultramarine
Saturndark grey and light browndeep violet and deep green
Uranuswhite with bluelilac with blue
Neptunelilac and light violetviolet and dim emerald

Copyright © 1997, Vitaly Vetash & Semira
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