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Cassini Launch and Nostradamus Prophecy on August 11, 1999 Eclipse
by Boris Romanov

October 15, 1997 at 4:43 EDT (8:43 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Cassini spacecraft was launched. It will arrive at Saturn in 2004 to begin studying the ringed planet and its moon Titan. Cassini carries 30 kgs of Plutonium onboard. The trajectory of its space path is very complex, it using a gravitational field of all planets up to Saturn inclusively. By calculations Cassini should pass near to the Earth again (on only 1000 kms distance) on August 16, 1999. This date is surprisingly close to date of very rare solar eclipse, August 11, 1999, which Nostradamus wrote about in his Centuries:

    "In the seventh month of 1999
    The Great King of horror comes from the sky
    To resuscitate the great king Angolmua
    And before and after Mars will be to rule happily"

All contributors of Nostradamus prophecies agree that here prophet talks about events near to a solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 (seventh month in Julian calendar). There are many disputes and versions of translation, concerning two last lines of this most famous prophecy, but first two (underlined) lines are indisputable and translated by all researchers approximately equally. What did Nostradamus write about?

August 11, 1999 eclipse will be visible in Europe and its zone passes exactly at Paris in the midday. The planet Pluto, connected with mass catastrophes, in August, 1999 will be in 8th degree of Sagittarius, in the sign and degree of Paris, and on August 11-16 also a Black Moon (Lilith, apogee of the Moon -- astrological sign of disaster and danger) will in same degree. Saturn and Mars (principal "evildoers" of the Zodiac) will be in exact opposition each other and in the "Cross" configuration with an axis of an eclipse and Lunar Nodes. It is necessary to note, that October 15, 1997 is separated from the next day after the great eclipse by 666 days, and the spacecraft with Plutonium is called on a name of the first Parisian Observatory director Giovanni Cassini (1625 - 1712), who have discovered the satellites of Saturn, and his son Jean Cassini (second director of Parisian Observatory), who have died nearly a Pluto cycle before the August 11, 1999 eclipse...

What will take place in the sky of Paris in a period from August 11 till August 16, 1999? It is necessary to begin to think of this already now!

It is also necessary to note, that the Sun of birth of the president of France Jacques Chirac is in the same degree of Paris, where the Black Moon (Lilith) and Pluto will conjunct in August, 1999. This eclipse will affect some other French politicians and also some royal dynasties of Europe (in personally, Otto von Habsburg and one of his sons) and its secret societies originates from times of the First Crusade and keeps the important secrets of the two-thousand-year history of Europe until the day "X"...

P.S. See the STOP CASSINI EARTH FLYBY Action Site for more information on this subject.

Copyright © 1997, Boris Romanov
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