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Astrologer's Investigation:
The Terrorism Acts in U.S.
by Albert Timashev

When the first emotional shock at the terrorism acts in U.S. has passed, people began to ask the same questions worldwide: who was the organizer of these awful terrorism acts, what is the probability of their recurrence in the U.S. and in the other countries, whether will it result in a global economic crisis and World War III. The accurate and unbiased answers to these and other questions can be obtained by the examination of the astrological chart of the first plane crash to the building of the World Trade Center--September 11, 2001, 8:45, Manhattan, New York (40N46 73W59), ASC 14°Gemini, MC 16°Cancer. We will use the house=sign system in the tropical zodiac.

The Organizers
First of all, one must differentiate the direct actors, technical organizers and the ideologists who developed all the plan of the operation.
It's very important to mention, that Osama bin Laden is neither of them, and he is wrongly accused by majority of the people. His rudder star is Antares--the star of wars, public enmity and violence. In the astrological chart of any terrorism act, that bin Laden has something to do with, the star Antares is pronounced always. In the chart of the given terrorism act Antares is not accented at all, and that completely acquits bin Laden and rejects all accusations against him.
Astrological significators of the actors as participants of the terrorism acts are the 4th house, its ruler Saturn and Mars positioned in it; the significators of the actors as the organization are 12th house, its ruler Mercury and Sun in it; the significators of the organizers are 10th house, its ruler Moon and Jupiter in it; the significators of the ideologists are 5th house, its ruler Uranus and Neptune and Janus1 in it.
The terrorism act is presented in the chart by the 1st house and Mercury in it; the U.S. are presented by the 7th house and the sign of Gemini, that is connected with the psychotype of American nation.
From the astrological chart of the terrorism act it follows, that the actors are the members of the secret foreign organization guided by the ideologists (Saturn is ruler of 4th house in 9th house in square to Sun in 12th house, Mars in 4th house is ruler of 2nd and 7th houses, Mercury on ASC is ruler of 12th and 9th houses). There is high chance, that it is one of the pro-Islamic terrorist organizations having one of its bases in Germany (Mars is ruler of Scorpio and Aries in 4th house).
The organizers are the high standing political leaders belonging to the elite of the United States and supervising mass-media and administrative-bureaucratic system (Moon is ruler of 10th house in 9th house in trine to Uranus, that is the ruler of 5th house, Jupiter in 10th house is ruler of 3rd and 6th houses). The organizers, no less than the actors, are in the contradiction with the global concept of the evolution of the world, secretly realizing by the ideologists, however, ultimately the actors acted in the exact compliance with what was expected from them by the ideologists (squares of Jupiter to Thoth2 and Mercury, exact trine of Janus in 5th house, Saturn in 9th house and Mercury in 1st house).
The ideologists are the members of the secret international organization, whose current tactical goal is to weaken the U.S. (Janus with Neptune in 5th house in Aquarius in trine to Saturn in 9th house in Gemini and in sextile to Thoth in 7th house). The name and the members of this organization will not be discovered (Uranus is ruler of 5th house in 5th house). It confirms words of one representative of the Russian secret services, who said that most likely here we're dealing with the unknown secret service having enough power to organize these acts and especially to block the American security systems.

The Goals and Means
The goal of these terrorism acts was not to cause a direct damage to the American economy and the government, but to change the commercial-financial flows and their control centers by explosion of the "informational bomb"-- performing the mass human sacrifice broadcasted by mass-media all over the world (Venus is ruler of 1st and 8th houses in 11th house in opposition to Uranus and sextiles to Saturn and Mercury, Jupiter is ruler of 3rd house in 10th house, Mercury on ASC). The confirmation of the informational character of the explosion is the character of the destructions and the way of translation (perspectives, cameras angels, etc.), those precisely conform to the common "Hollywood" representation of the catastrophe in New York in order to magnify the psychological effect.
The 21st century is century of the information, therefore in this case terrorism act as a method of the information impact was chosen more likely as a tribute to the past (Mars on South Node in opposition to the void of course Moon). In the future the necessary informational impacts will be executed by more humane means (Moon is passing to Cancer to 10th house and is going to conjunct with the North Node), however in December 2001 one may still expect a new series of the terrorism acts on the territory of the U.S., or other large-scale anti-American actions as the continuation of the information war (3 degrees to exact opposition of the Moon and Mars).

The Plan of the Operation
The plan of the operation was bigger, than what actually took place. A conflict or misunderstanding has been took place between the organizers and the actors about 2-3 days before the event, therefore there was a failure in a course of the operation, what resulted in its partial frustration (disperse square of Jupiter to Mercury with orb of 2.5 degrees, void of course Moon). One may regard, that the initial plan was fulfilled only on the third. So the ideologists was not succeeded in the achievement of all their goals by one strike. From this it follows, that they will undertake the further steps to realize the conceived plans.
It's absolutely clear, that the astrologers were not involved into the planning of this operation. The extremely weak position of the Moon and Mars indicates the failure of the terrorist operation before its culmination (Moon is void of course, and though Mars is exalted, but it's extremely weakened by the conjunction with the South Node).

The Scenario of the Following Phase of the Operation
It's quite obvious, that the investigation of the circumstances of the terrorism acts is a farce played by the organizers in front of the misguided American and the world public, since the control of the ideologists over the U.S. administrative-bureaucratic system is close to absolute (conjunction of Janus with Neptune--the ruler of 6th house; Neptune is not aspected by anything else).
There is no doubt, that U.S. will be forced to attack the innocent countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq (Saturn from Gemini in opposition to Pluto--ruler of Scorpio). The true initiators of the terrorism acts--ideologists--are out of reach, because of their control over the American State machinery, and for George W. Bush now "the inactivity is the death".
For a long time talibs in Afghanistan prepared an attack against the northern alliance and further against Tajikistan next spring, for what reason they have organized the assassination of Ahmad-shah Masud, expecting that without his authority the alliance will break up from within. In this situation the attack against U.S. from side of talibs would be a nonsense, as long as no sane military expert will provoke a war on the two fronts. Therefore one can talk only about conscious use of the talibs by someone, who knew their plans and had an influence on the schedule of their realization.
The probable intrusion of talibs in Tajikistan will involve Russia in the military conflict in Afghanistan, and will force Russia not only to provide all possible assistance to the U.S./NATO, but also to open a second front of struggle against pro-Islamic terrorists, having transfer a part of its troops to the Afghanistan border.
Thus, by one action the ideologists have reached a multitude of tactical goals at once:
  1. Partial switch of commercial-financial flows from the U.S. to the Europe and Asia
  2. Weakening of the trust to the dollar and American economy and causing the direct many billions dollars economic damage to the U.S.
  3. The compulsion of the U.S. to the large-scale military actions of the "revenge", that will not of benefit to a peace sector of economy and foreign policy image of the U.S.
  4. Punishment of talibs and personally Osama bin Laden, who obviously got out of control or tried to resist the ideologists
  5. The further weakening of Russia by involving it in the just another large military conflict

Long-term Prospect
The ideologists are not interested in abrupt fall of the U.S. economy, therefore in the nearest future one may not expect the sudden crisis and instant transformation of the dollars into the nothing worth papers. This process would be slowly, "jumpy-gradual", as it were natural, and inevitable under the legible control of the ideologists (Mars is ruler of 7th and 2nd houses--1st and 8th houses for the 7th house signifying the U.S. in this chart--and is on the South Node in 4th house, the 10th house for the U.S.).
In this light, the recurrence of the similar terrorism acts on the territory of Russia is unlikely, as for a long time the ideologists successfully fulfil in the Russia/USSR the other program based on quite different principles of impact already (Janus in Aquarius in 5th house).
There is some probability of the terrorist operations developed by the ideologists on territory of Eurounion, but not on the territory of Great Britain, where the headquarters of many Islamic terrorist organizations are accommodated. But it can happen only if Eurounion tries to resist the realization of the plans of the ideologists, what is very unlikely.
The reader, probably, has understood already, that the ideologists concern themselves with the reorganization of global financial and economic system, what inevitably will follow the repartition of the world, which is usually accompanied by the wars, and last two times the wars grown into the World Wars. It's quite possible, that the World War III is already included into the plans of the ideologists with the purpose of reduction of a population of the Earth (Saturn is ruler of 4th house in opposition to Pluto and trine to Janus).

The Forecasts
November-December 2001 will bring the next shocks to the U.S. and the continuation of detriment of the trust to the dollar and belief in stability of the American economy. The most important events must be expected around November 3 and 26 and particularly on December 17.
The important events naturally followed from the situation connected with the terrorism acts may take place around October 16, 2001, January 29, 2002 and, most probably, April 16, 2002.
First half of July 2002 will be time of the sudden financial shocks for the U.S. and will probably the period of the beginning of the large-scale military actions, what Russia will be involved to with a high degree of probability. The most intense and fatal date to the U.S. is July 3, 2002 (conjunction of Mars with Jupiter on the Mercury and the point of the solar eclipse of the U.S. chart, Saturn with Mercury on the Mars of the U.S., Uranus on the Moon of the U.S.).

Why The Terrorism Acts Were Not Predicted?
Let's look closer at the astrological chart of the terrorism act and its connection with the chart of the independence of the United States (July 4, 1776, 17:10 LMT, Philadelphia (39N53 75W15), ASC 13°Sagittarius, MC 1°Libra). What do we see?
  1. Pluto (T) opposition to Uranus (R) + Saturn (T) precisely on ASC-DSC axis.
    The sudden terrorist acts (connected with aircraft--Uranus), taking away many lives in public.
  2. Mars (T) with South Node (T) in opposition to Jupiter (R) and Venus (R).
    Tough retribution for the past acts touching all people personally and occurring at their home (Jupiter is ruler of 1st and 4th houses), resulting huge financial losses (opposition in 2nd and 8th houses) and breaking the plans for the future and normal operation of the majority of institutions, firms and people (Venus is ruler of 11th and 6th houses).
  3. Mercury (T) and ASC (T) on Saturn (R).
    Cruel death in public.
    Death by means of the transport facilities.
  4. Neptune (T) on South Node (R).
    'What you sow, what you reap.' This is one of manifestations of the Neptune's principle as a planet of the universal harmony, in particular, the planet of dynamic equilibrium and circulation in nature. And, one 'reap' it at home (Neptune is co-ruler of 4th house).
    U.S. bombed Baghdad, Belgrade and other peaceful cities and countries, they killed hundred of thousands peaceful people (255,000 peaceful Japanese in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 100,000 German prisoners of war in 1945-1950, 250,000 children in Vietnam in 1960s, 150,000 peaceful citizens in Iraq in 1991, 3,000 peaceful citizens in Yugoslavia in 1999), so they got just a little part of it back.
  5. Sun (T) on Lilith3 (R).
    The day of manifestation of bad karma of the United States.
  6. Druj4 (T) in opposition to Neptune (R), and Neptune (R) in conjunction with Lilith (R).
    Absolute inadequacy of authorities and inadequacy of all Americans at their own home (whole configuration is in 4th and 10th houses, and Neptune is co-ruler of 4th house, also Sun as ruler of 9th house in 10th house gives a political vagueness).
    Take, for example, the statement of George W. Bush, who named the terrorists as the cowards, while they given back their lives to commit these acts of terrorism. One may call them monsters or wild dogs, but not the cowards after all.
  7. Jupiter (T) in conjunction with Sun (R) with orb of 2 degrees.
    It alleviates the situation a little. Probably, this aspect has allowed the Americans suddenly think in last minute and do not let the fourth plane to crash on Pentagon or White House or Camp David.
There are other less significant aspects, but it's not necessary to analyze them all. Everything is clear in this transit chart. And it's wonder why none of the U.S. mundane astrologers, who must keep an eye on all daily transits of U.S. chart, does not note that day of September 11, 2001 is extremely dangerous. Maybe they did, but nobody heard them, you see, the American intelligence did not take into account even the information on the preparation of the terrorism acts in New York and Washington from its own agents.

How to Struggle Against Terrorism in 21st Century
Today all politicians ask themselves a question: how to struggle against the modern hi-tech terrorism, when one terrorism act can take away thousands and even millions lives.
The answer lies behind the goals of the terrorism act. Obviously, any such terrorism act has not a destruction of the people as its goal, but the informational effect, that it causes. The large-scale terrorism act is like an explosion in the informational space and changes its structure.
The goal of the terrorism act of September 11, 2001 was to change the structure of the world commercial-financial flows, having neutralized such a big mechanism of the control over these flows as the World Trade Center. If it were not the failure in the link between the organizers and the actors, American military control center--the Pentagon--would completely neutralized too, and also the administration of the President, and who knows what else.
Thus, it's necessary to struggle not against terrorism--with modern technical progress this task is impracticable, and the probability of the terrorism acts remains in any case--but against the vulnerability of the structures of the management at the informational level, so the terrorism in such scales became senseless business.
The decentralization and distribution of the managing structures on the large areas is necessary in order any massed impact and even the total destruction of the whole city resulted in no more than temporary inconveniences and easily eliminated difficulties.
Modern level of technology--computers and the computer networks--allows to do this.
Thus, the state structuring of the 21st century should go on a way of decentralization of management, diminution of a role of the big cities--New York, Washington, Moscow, etc.--as uniform administrative centers and distribution of their functions to the highest possible number of other cities. Otherwise, one large-scale terrorism act, say, in New York can completely paralyze the life of the whole country, having annihilated its management, what is inadmissible.

1 Janus (Rhod) and Thoth are the hypothetical planets developed by Albert R. Timashev and Sergey V. Evtushenko on the base of the periods of the transpluto stable orbits from the report "Generalized Golden Section and the Time Theory" by Albert Timashev at the International Scientific Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", St. Petersburg, Russia, June 1996.
2 see note 1.
3 Mean Lunar Apogee
4 True Lunar Apogee

Copyright © 2001, Albert Timashev
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