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Ephemerides of the True Dark Moon (Druj)
by Albert Timashev

What is the Dark Moon?

The Dark Moon as a very important index of a horoscope now is taken into account of many astrologers from different schools and currents. It's well-known already that the point named the Dark Moon is the apogee of the lunar orbit (according to another version, it's the second focus of the lunar orbit, which coincides with the projection of the apogee relatively to the centre of the Earth), and the Dark Moon makes one revolution relatively to the point of the vernal equinox (0 Aries) for 8.85 years. Until now the most of astrologers used only one Dark Moon named Lilith  or Luna Nera, which is the mean apogee, i.e. some kind of mathematical idealization, an average movement of the real object. But for a complete picture we have to count also the real or oscillating, looping Dark Moon named Druj , which is the true apogee.

First of all we need to review Dark Moon's interpretations in general. Orthodox explanations of the Avestan School of Astrology says to us that the Dark (Black) Moon is an index of dark karma, or all evil works and sins of a man. Of course, it's right not all time. From astropsychological point of view, the Dark Moon (lunar orbit's apogee) is an appearance of the unconscious, some place where human moon source is going out of control. According to this attitude, the Dark Moon is moon function's maximum, the strongest manifistation of subconsciousness, which is able to eclipse an intellect and our rational thinking. There is no reason to assert that it is bad, because subconsciousness is important for a man as well as consciousness, and dream isn't less important then awakening. Besides, the Dark Moon is a point of the present time at the lunar orbit, i.e. it's connected with our ability to live and to act at the current moment on unconscious level. Is it so bad? Another question, that a lot of complexes and latent, secret desires overburdens people's subconsciousness, threrfore the most of people can not reach harmony and tranquillity because of a permanent tension holding their psyche (Moon). And lunar orbit's point of apogee (maximum) forces to come out those concealed desires in their full strength aside from mental control. So we can't treat the Dark Moon as a source of all human dirt and darkness or all sins of the mankind. Firstly, this Dark Moon is not more then an indicator, and secondly it's an indicator of human hidden essence, underwater part of an iceberg, which isn't usually shown by a man to anybody (including him/herself) because of fear. But if a man overcame this fear and saw his/her own unconscious complexes, realized his/her "negative karma" [We can't discuss here all kinds or meanings of "karma", here we mean an information, which is located in the unconsciousness. As we know any corrections of such a matter is more then hard] (and what else could help to a man to do that, if not the Dark Moon?), so now a person has a chance to liberate him/herself from these complexes and realize his/her Dark Moon as a real point of the Present Time on the level of the unconsciousness.

The Difference Between Mean and True Points

So what is the difference between the Mean Dark Moon Lilith  and True one named Druj ? Among some Russian astrologers there is a lot of false judgements and nonsensical conjections nohow connected with Reality, that it can be easy to get confused sometimes. Even you can think that all those astrologers follow a principle "the more absurd the better, the more unscientific the more esoteric". The most common point of view is an opinion that the oscillating Dark or Light Moon makes loops in accordance with some simple mathematical law. Repeatedly the Author saw many versions of tables of the Dark and Light Moon's movement which were calculated "considering loops". Obviously, they don't have and can't have anything common with Reality, these tables are responsible for deplorable mistakes of many astrologers, who believe in those "loops" of the Dark and Light Moons, invented by somebody's unknown. And what is amazing, for some reason nobody trys to describe movement of the True Node of the Moon with the same tables, diagrams or formulae. Perhaps, that is because of everybody's knowledge of the Node's ephemerides, and any profanation about this subject will make reader or listner smiled. Isn't it clear, that both Dark and Light Moons has at least the same order of complexity of their true movement? Then it's necessary to be not a perfect mathematician only, but an astronomer also for creation of the exact mathematical model of the True Node of the Moon. Strange to say this thought dosn't flash into a mind of such authors, who promote their "theories" of the True Dark and White Moons' movement. Obviously, it's easy to speculate upon something unknown to most of readers or listeners without deepening into "excessive" complexities of the exact sciences. In this case it's possible to present not only unverified, but certainly wrong opinions as the doubtless truth. The mischief of it is that nobody can refute these opinions for the time being. But all these theories are going to crash down themselfs in one day.

So, the True Dark Moon (the true apogee of the lunar orbit), indeed, fluctuates relatively to the Mean Dark Moon with the amplitude about 20 degrees and the period about a lunar month. However, this statement is absolutely insufficient for construction of the theory of the True Dark Moon's movement. Such a calculation of it's exact positions has to use the latest achievements of the astronomy. And if, dear readers, anybody will tell you the contrary, don't believe, it's a mark of incompletence in astronomy as well as in both mathematics and physics.

The fact is the distance between the True and Mean Dark Moon is huge sometimes even in astrological measurings, and we have to be especially attentive with the difference in interpretation of these two points. Any mean point can be determined as some abstraction, an ideal image, it reflects our abstract notion about this matter. This point shows how concrete problems are reflected upon our [illusory] perception. This is because of our mind isn't able to follow all "tricks" of the motion of oscillating points, so some average models work in our mind. On the other hand, real (true) points reveal what is going on in reality. We take it as only external events and phenomena of a resonance, what is, generally, wrong. Therefore we have to have our special attention to interpretation of the real points, not ideal models.

By the way, one is luckly who has his mean point in conjunction with true one, his perceptions are most of all close to Reality.

In the case of the Dark Moon the mean point demonstrate our notions about our subconscious problems and complexes, but the true point reveals these problems and complexes themselves. Most of people have these points in the limit of one sign, which means that they have at least an approximate idea about their subconscious complexes. But if you have these points in different signs, it's very hard for you to get the correct ideas - your notions can be disconnected with reality at all.

The Explanations to the Ephemerides

The Ephemerides of the True Dark Moon (Druj)  is a daily ephemerides of the oscillating apogee of the lunar orbit in it's projection upon the Ecliptic for midnight and midday of Terrestrial Dynamic Time (TDT). The caclucations of the oscillating lunar apogee positions is based on the lastest theory LE403 developed at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and published in May 1995. This theory based on a dynamic model of the Moon's movement, which is the most exact now, so this theory, obviousy, will be accepted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) as a new international standard for astronomical almanacs and all highly precise calculations. The difference between the real Moon positions and Moon positions calculated with LE403 is not more that 0.1" of arc, therefore we can take this ephemerides as absolutely correct. The difference between the Terrestrial Dynamic Time TDT (which is ephemerides' argument) and Universal Time (UT1), called Delta T (TDT=UT1+DeltaT), can be bypassed here without any loss of accuracy.

The calculations did not apply any corrections with the finiteness of light speed, which are using in all astronomical and, unfortunatly, astrological ephemerides. According to the Time Theory by professor N.A.Kozyrev, we accept an influence of the real current positions of planets and points, rather that visible positions, because the Time don't spread, but the Time appears at the Whole Universe at once. Therefore any true astrological ephemerides must contain the real positions of planets and sensitive points with no lights effects.

The Ephemerides of the Mean Dark Moon (Lilith)  is calculated in accordance with International Astronomical Union IAU standard expansions for the epoch J2000.0.

The Author is grateful to Myles Standish from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for support and understanding.

Copyright © 1996, Albert Timashev
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