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The Zoroastrianism and Christianity. Part I.
St. Petersburg, Editing-publishing Firm "The Rose of Peace (Rosa Mira)", 1996. 252 p. ISBN 5-85574-018-8
by Boris Romanov

Qumran, Cristmas, John the Baptist, Jesus Chirst, Apostles, Judas.
According to Author, Boris Romanov (St. Petersburg, Russia) a professional astrologer and doctor of technical science, Jesus Christ was born on 21st (23d -- Julian date) September 5 BC. The book met a benevolent interest in the Oriental Institute of Russian Academy of Science and got a positive response in the Theological and Philosophical Institute of Moscow Patriarchy (St. Petersburg). The book is a synthesys of historical and astrological studies and it'll be interesting as for historians of Early Middle Ages as for astrologers and also for all people, who read The Bible. This book is available in Russian and not translated to English, only the appendix is available for the familiarization purposes.

The Horoscopes of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

Point Tuesday, March 26 (28 JD), 5 BC - John the Baptist Saturday, September 21 (23 JD), 5 BC - Jesus Christ
Sun 5/6 Aries 28 Virgo
Moon 5 Sagittarius 28 Gemini
Mercury 11 Aries 11 Virgo
Venus 20 Taurus 14 Leo
Mars 10 Scorpio Re 18 Sagittarius
Jupiter 5 Taurus 6 Gemini
Saturn 9 Aries 18 Aries Re
Uranus 12 Piscies 12 Piscies Re
Neptune 10 Scorpio Re 8 Scorpio
Pluto 14 Virgo Re 16 Virgo
Proserpine 21 Libra Re 21 Libra
Chiron 10 Aquarius 6 Aquarius
Asc Moon Nodemean (Asc Moon Nodetrue) 1 Aries (1 Aries) 22 Piscies (25 Piscies)
Desc Moon Nodemean (Desc Moon Nodetrue) 1 Libra (1 Libra) 22 Virgo (25 Virgo)
Lilith 28 Gemini 18 Cancer
Selena 30 Leo - P.Globa
(19 Gemini - A.Timashev)
25 Virgo - P.Globa
(9 Cancer - A.Timashev)
Osiris 23 Libra 23 Libra
Isis 27 Taurus 27 Taurus
MC 3/4 Aries 20/21 Libra
Asc 4 Cancer (Jamaspa)
16/17 Cancer (Placidus)
4 Capricornus (Placidus)
19 Capricornus (Jamaspa)
II 4 Leo
9 Leo
9 Aquarius
19 Aquarius
III 4 Virgo
3 Virgo
17 Piscies
20 Piscies
V 4 Scorpio
9 Scorpio
18 Taurus
20 Taurus
VI 4 Sagittarius
15 Sagittarius
11 Gemini
19 Gemini
Pars Fortune 4 Piscies 19 Libra
Pars Morte 4 Aquarius 18 Virgo
Pars of Light 10 Scorpio 23 Libra
Pars of Dark 26 Aries 10 Taurus
Pars of Success 19 Cancer 28 Piscies
Pars of Astrology 1 Aries 7 Capricornus
Pars of Birth Mystery 5 Sagittarius 28 Gemini

Copyright © 1996, Boris Romanov
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