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Ephemerides of the True Light Moon
by Albert Timashev

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What is the Light Moon?

According to the Zurvanit's texts, Arta (the Light Moon) is the point of the Eternity or the Undivided Time named Zurvan Akarana, which unites three finite times of Zurvan Karana (Past, Present and Future) in one point. Three finite times are the Lunar Nodes and the Dark Moon. The Past Time is the Descending Node of the Moon, the Present Time is the Dark Moon (the lunar orbit's apogee) and the Future Time is the Ascending Node of the Moon. Such a property as symmetry or reflection, as we know, marks a state of Eternity. The aspect of opposition expresses this mirror resemblance in the circle of the Zodiac. Obviously, a symmetrical picture can't be composed with three points. But it is important that the Lunar Nodes are the crossings of the lunar orbit and the ecliptic, i.e. solar orbit around the Earth, if we take the Earth as the fixed center. So we have to look for a missing link at the solar orbit. Let's examine now the solar orbit relatively to the lunar orbit. In this case the Ascending Solar Node will coincide with the Descending Lunar Node and the Descending Solar Node with the Ascending Node of the Moon. Thus the Past and the Future change over for the Lunar and Solar orbits, i.e. they are symmetrical as a mirror image. Therefore the symmetry of the lunar and solar orbits' moments of the Present in necessary and sufficient for reaching the condition of Eternity or Akarana. By analogy with the lunar orbit the point of the Present for the Sun is the solar orbit's apogee which can be marked as . As we know, the Earth is maximally far from the Sun when the Sun is at 13 degree of Cancer (in fact, this point fluently moves approximately for 2 degrees per hundred years, basically because of precession). This is the mean point of the Present for the solar orbit. But the true solar apogee nutates relatively to this point with the amplitude about 2.5 degrees. So when the Dark Moon enters an opposition to the solar apogee, the Gates of Eternity are opening and the way to Akarana is getting possible.
Now we should clear up how are these gates opening and what are these gates themselves.
One among the symbols of the Eternity is a cross, the main attribute of the Christianity. Zoroastrians used a cross for the omage of Vara (a protective system, in which the Time was eternal). Therefore a cross (or the configuration of the Big Cross) is is a model of Vara, which had four enters at corners. Thus it must be four Gates of the Eternity in the shape of cross.
Who can open these Gates? These gates, we know, open just for a man with righteous past. I.e. either the Descending Lunar Node or the Descending Solar Node (which is Ascending Lunar one) can open the Gates of Eternity only. I.e., every time, when the Dark Moon is in opposition to the solar apogee (diag. 1), one of the Points of the Eternity must coincide with one of the Nodes.

diagram 1
Diag. 1

That means, if the Light Moon really exists, we have got a right to declare that the point named the Light Moon above in fact is just one out of four points of the cross, making its complete revolutions clockwise for the peroid of time about 7 years.
the Lunar Nodes pass the half of the circle during one revolution of the Dark Moon , i.e. the Modes come almost back but change over their positions. According to the canons of the Avesta, the Light Moon has the cycle of 7 years. But, in accordance with the same canons, the cycle of the Dark Moon is 9 years, although its real cycle is 8.85 years. Now if we take the Light Moon as one of Vara's points making 7/4 its revolution relatively to the Nodes for the period of one revolution of the Dark Moon relatively to the solar apogee, that the cycle of the Light Moon constitutes 6 years 11 months 10 days or 6.95 years. In mathematical for it will be:

LightMoon = MoonNode + 7/4 * ( DarkMoon - SunApogee + 180 )

Let's attract our attention to that this formula gives the Light Moon's  positions with accuracy till 90 degrees, because the number 4 is in the denominator, and 360/4 = 90. I.e. the positions of the Light Moon calculated with this formula have their uncertainty till the quater of the circle. Form this we drew our conclusion that the Light Moon in reality is not one point but four equal points of a cross.
Now we can divert from the Light Moon and the Cross Situation (Big Cross configuration) for a while. It's time to consider a few very interesting minor planets, because one of the evidences of correctness for all our argumentation set forth above is the scientific fact of the existence of these three asteroids:

 279 Thule the cycle 8.85 years
 522 Helga the cycle 6 years 11 months 6 days
or 6.92 years
2311 El Leoncito the cycle 6 years 11 months 6 days
or 6.92 years

And last two asteroids move practically in opposition to each other!
It's very interesting to compare some empirical ephemerides of "Selena 6.11.5" (one of early versions of empirical Light Moon with its cycle of 6 years 11 months and 5 days, which was spreading for the time being in xerox copies and later was published) with the ephemerides of the 2311 El Leoncito asteroid. The fact is that this "empirical" ephemerides really is the mean (without loops) ephemerides of this asteroid! Of course, this is a coincidence. But what a coincidence!
Also, we have no other known asteroids with cycles so close to 9 (8.85) and 7 (6.95) years but these three asteroids. And what is really amazing, these asteroids have their angles of declination and eccentricities close to the same parameters of the lunar orbit! Obviously, these asteroids play the same role in our solar system as the Dark and Light Moons (the Gates of Vara) for the Earth. Besides, we can foretell an existence of two more asteroids with cycles about 6.92 years, which have to lock up the whole cross situation, if, of course, they were not ruined in one of cosmic disasters disturbing our solar system from time to time.
Let's come back to the Light Moon now. If the Light Moon makes 7/4 of a revolution relatively to the Nodes (which make 1/2 of a revolution themselves) for the period pf one Dark Moon's revolution relatively to the solar apogee, the Light Moon makes 7/4 - 1/2 = 5/4 of a revolution relatively to 0 Aries. I.e. every 9 years, when the Dark Moon enters its opposition to the solar apogee, the Light Moon outruns its own previous position for 90 degrees approximately. Thereby we can conditionally tell that it moves clockwise within its microcycle.
Now let's note that the most powerful interaction between the solar and lunar apogees has to happen in a moment of their complete dimensional opposition, i.e. when their latitudes are opposite each other as well as their longitudes. The solar apogee, of course, has zero ecliptic latitude (placed at the solar orbit). So, such an event is possible when the lunar apogee has zero latitude too, or when the lunar apogee coincides with one of the Nodes. Thus the Gates of Eternity are open with their maximum breadth in a moment of the Dark Moon's conjunction with one of the Nodes in opposition to the solar apogee. This event, as we can calculate, takes place every 186 years. Last time it happend on August 19, 1991...
Then the Light Moon's macrocycle is 186 or, exactly, 185.87676 years. And the Light Moon lags from its previous position for 90 degrees approximately each 186 years. Thus we can conditionally tell that it moves counter-clockwise within its macrocycle.
There is a little discrepancy in the cylces, thus some fault takes place in these recurrences ones 910 years in average, and the moment of maximum resonance comes one cycle of Dark Moon earlier, i.e. not in 186 years after previous one, but in 177 years, in 177.0255 to be precise. The reason of this fault is some outrunning of the Moon's Nodes. The Nodes outrun their previous position each 186 years for 1 degree 46 minutes relatively to the line "lunar apogee - solar apogee". And if we calculate the cycle of the Nodes' "movement" in this macrocycle, it will be 185.87676360/1°46' = 37848.623 years, what precisely is one and a half a cycle of precession. Thereby we see that the Light Moon's cycle is associated indeed with the cycle of the earth's axis's movement, as it was declared repeatedly by Pavel Globa, the astrologer who is well-known in Russia as the head of the Avestan School of Astrology (AShA).
Obviously, the Light Moon is a corrector of the system "Sun - Earth - Moon", and it let a process of developing release our system and open the Way to Eternity.
A physical meaning of the Gates of Eternity should be consisted in a mutual resonance of the lunar and solar orbits through the time, and it can be substantiated just by means of development of the Time Theory established by the great Russian scientist Professor N.A.Kozyrev, a researcher of the Pulkov Observatory.

An Astrological Interpretation and Meanings of the Light Moon

Let's take a look now an astrological interpretation and meanings of the Light Moon. According to the orthodox attitude, as it was told above, the Light Moon is an index of our positive karma, a point of Truth, Good and Light, a point of manifestation of our Guardian Angel. Is it so correct?
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The Difference Between Mean and True Points

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The Precision of This Ephemerides

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The Explanations to the Ephemerides

...not translated yet...
The Ephemerides of the Mean Light Moon (Selena)  is calculated in accordance with International Astronomical Union IAU standard expansions for the epoch J2000.0.
The Author is grateful to Myles Standish from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for support and understanding.

The History of Discovery...

Copyright © 1996, Albert Timashev
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