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Here we keep the rare books, those have been scanned and converted to the DjVU format (deh-zha vu)--the revolutionary format specifically designed for scanned document pages.

To view the texts presented below you have to install DjVU plug-in into your browser. If you're going to read the books directly from this site, then plug-in will be installed automatically (you just have to confirm that you really want to install it). If you're going to download the texts and read them locally, you have to install plug-in on your's own.

Selected Works by N.A.Kozyrev are published now at the Official Site dedicated to the life and works of Nikolay Alexandrovich and the works of his successors at

A.L.Chizhevsky. Terrestrial Echo Of Solar Storms
The book by outstanding Russian scientist A. L. Chizhevsky (A.L.Tchijevsky) touchs upon the wide range of questions connected with the influence of the solar activity upon the terrestrial natural processes: climatic, geophysical, biological. The central part of the book is devoted to the problems of medical geography and epidemiology.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (5.0Mb).
This book is in Russian.

Prasna Tantra
Sri Neelakanta's Prasna Tantra is the 16th century Hindu treatise on the horary astrology. It's clear, compact, but comprehensive, and the principles given in its pages are in large measure applicable to modern conditions. Translated from Sanscrit to English by Dr. Bangalore Venkata Raman.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (2.2Mb).

Alfred Witte. The Man as the Receiver of the Cosmic Influences
The complete collection of articles by Alfred Witte--an outstanding German astrologer of the early 20th century, the founder of the Hamburg School and the father of the Uranian Astrology.
This book has been removed from because it's protected by copyright law till 2061.
This book is in German.

Michel Gauquelin. The Cosmic Clocks
The American edition of the book by the famous French scientist, defender of astrology Michel Gauquelin in a brief form presents the essence of his argumentation, results of the research and all the fundamental conclusions.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (2.5Mb).

V.V.Nalimov. Spontaneous Mind: The Probabilistic Theory Of Meaning And The Meaning Architectonics Of Personality
On the base of philosophy, psychology, mathematics, physics, and other sciences author undertakes an attempt to build the probabilistic meaning model of personality, that allows to consider such subjects as nature of understanding, creative work, connection of the world of meaning with physical world, purpose of the life and the Universe.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (3.9Mb).
This book is in Russian.

Isaac Newton. The Prophecies of Daniel and The Apocalypse
Sir Isaac Newton's strong conviction in an almighty Creator, who had spoken to His creation through the pages of the Bible, lead him to a more thorough study of the Bible than most men have ever cared to do. This book will make you to take the different view on Newton's genius and to release from the prejudice of him as the implacable materialist.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (2.3Mb).

Johannes Kepler. The Harmony of the World (Harmonice Mundi, 1619)
The fundamental work of the famous astronomer and astrologer combining plane and 3D geometry, music theory, astrology and astronomy into the one coherent mathematical-philosophical system. The Book IV contains the detailed description of the new aspect system introducing angular relations of 30° (semisextile), 72° (quintile), 144° (biquintile), 150° (quincunx), 36° (decile), 108° (tridecile), 45° (octile or semiquartile) and 135° (trioctile or sesquiquartile) into the astrological practice for the first time.
Download a whole book in the form of one self-extract archive (7.3Mb).

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