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Ephemerides of the Hypothetic Planets of the Avestan School
by Albert Timashev

The Explanations to the Ephemerides

Now in Avestan School of Astrology (AShA) 12 hypothetical planets are found a use. These are seven Guards of Heaven, destroyed Earth satellite called demoness Az (one of Dark Moons in western astrology) and four transplutonian planets (Proserpine, Isis, Osiris and Anubis). The elements of orbits of these planets were found by Pavel Globa and are specified and corrected by Author. On a today's moment the most exact ephemerides is the ephemerides of Proserpine (about minutes of an arc). As for the Guards of Heaven, Vakshya, Shatavaesh are traced most precisely today (up to one degree in most cases). The Rapitvina ephemerides has the same accuracy, except for moment of its "connection" with the Earth, when it is difficult to warrant any accuracy in general (it is 1922-23 and 1991). The ephemerides of Az and Tishtar have the lowest exactness (average error from 4 up to 8 degrees) because of their minor cycle and headlong changing of orbit parameters in time. Also it's not necessary to trust too much for Rasi ephemerides, as its orbit hardly unstable. Nevertheless as a whole the ephemerides give quite good approximation of the majority of hypothetical planets. For clarification of their real positions the Author frequently uses a pendulum and recommends this checked up antiquated method for daily application. Ephemerides give positions of hypothetical planets at 0:00 GMT on 1, 8, 16 and 24 days of each month with precision within minutes of arc.

In the table below it's given the symbols of hypothetical planets of Avestan School, their names (usual and Avestan), cycles (the letter R after a cycle means reverse movement), key words and greatest possible errors of their positions calculated with a help of this ephemerides (D, in the degrees).

Symbol General Name Avestan Name Cycle Key words D
- Vakshya 108 years R Mirror Virgin, erasing of the information, check on the validity 1-2
Priap Shatavaesh 7.89 years R The guard of the Past, genetic memory, male sexuality 1-2
Utopia Rapitvina 360 days The ideal Earth, aspiration to an ideal, Golden Age, utopia 1-2
III satellite of the Earth,
Dark Moon
Az (Aza) 69 days demoness Az, fear, horror, annihilation < 30
II satellite of the Earth Tishtar 51 days R The guard of the Future, modeling of the future, divination, mantica < 30
- Vanand 73 years R The guard of Eternity, riddles, coans, forcing to see essence 1-2
- Haurang 20 years R The guard of the Present, warrior, stand guard of the law of truth, ready to fight 2-5
- Rasi 8.1 years The wife of Shatavaesh, female sexuality 2-8
Proserpine Daena 665 years Faith, soul, religion, alchemy of a body < 1
Isis Ardvisura Anahita 360 years The spiritual Mother, cleanse, transformation, alchemy of soul 1-2
Osiris Rashnu 1025 years The spiritual Father, court, retribution, alchemy of spirit 1-2
Anubis Arieman, Narya-Sangha 775 years The Messenger, dialogue with spirits, with forces of a nature, healing, guard between the worlds 1-2

The descriptions and characteristics of hypothetical planets

Transplutonian hypothetical planets Proserpine, Isis, Osiris and Anubis are well known for the Russian astrologers. However, the Guards of Heaven are used only by Avestan School, therefore first of all let's to tell about them. The brief characteristics of hypothetical planets from lectures by P.P.Globa, and also my own supervision are resulted below. I shall warn, that such terms as "astral planet" or "astral trace", which I should use, quoting Pavel Globa, are included by me into a group of those concepts, which I prefer to not use, because if we will speculate them, it is possible to explain anything we like and "explore" an infinite quantity of "new" planets. However, unfortunately I do not know how to explain an essence of the Guards of Heaven without these concepts, as if they were real bodies, the astronomers should find out them a long time ago, what has not taken place till now. Probably, it is possible to explain these "planets" by any resonant rhythms of Solar system or something like that. But the fact remains - in an astrological chart these planets work, and especially, it would be necessary to pay your attention to Shatavaesh and Rasi - we have traced these two "planets" very well, and they give unique keys to the analysis of pair contacts! Really.

Four Guards of Heaven (Tishtar, Haurang, Shatavaesh, Vanand) define a way of our development in space (East, South, West, North) and in time (past, present, future, eternity). By use of them we can determine a carmic potential of human, thus these are the most important planets in horoscopes of Spirit and Conception.

Tishtar, Guard of East, red color, connected with the ASC point, number 55 and index finger, simulating the future as branching corridors, relieving from roam in a labyrinth. All antises, symmetric mirror points simulating the future, and contrantises, the points of a choice, are connected with Tishtar. From the astronomical point of view Tishtar is the second satellite of the Earth rotating in the reverse with a cycle about 51 days. According to one of hypotheses this satellite of the Earth was beat out from the orbit during the fall of Phaethon (now first asteroids belt), or even earlier. However, based on the fact of existence of this satellite long time on the orbit around our planet, and probably even has arisen simultaneously with it, it is possible to hope that this ancient cycle lives and "works", without regard to its material carrier was destroyed for a long time.

Haurang, Guard of North, white color connected with the IC point, number 77 and ring finger, opening the present, always ready to any turn of events, ready to rush in fight. From the astronomical point of view is invisible (astral) planet rotating around the Sun in reverse with 20.35 years cycle.

Shatavaesh, Guard of West, green color, connected with DSC point, number 88 and middle finger, keeping the past and memory of lost happiness (Golden Age), concept of happiness. It's connected with male sexuality. All points of Gold Section giving an opportunity to develop on a harmonious basis, are connected with Shatavaesh. From the astronomical point of view it represents invisible (astral) planet rotating around the Sun in reverse with a 7.89 years cycle.

Rasi is a female half of Shatavaesh, female sexual energy. On the positions of Rasi and Shatavaesh in the man and woman horoscopes it's easy to determine, how they will cooperate in the sexual plan, what woman wants from the man (Shatavaesh in a female horoscope), and what man wants from the woman (Rasi in a man's horoscope), and simultaneously what woman represents as the woman (Rasi in her horoscope), and what man represents as the man (his Shatavaesh). From the astronomical point of view Rasi is invisible (astral) planet rotating around the Sun with a cycle about 8.1 years.

Vanand, Guard of the South, dark blue color, connected with the MC point, number 99 and little finger, knight of a sad image, dark blue rider with a head covered by cloak, thinking coans, unsoluble riddles, which conduct us to comprehension of Eternity. From the astronomical point of view represents invisible (astral) planet rotating around the Sun in reverse with a cycle about 73 years.

Vakshya, Twice Mirror Winged Virgin, connected with number 44 and large finger, daughter of Zurvan (Unlimited Time), wife of all Guards. Erases and arranges unintelligible checks, rearranges all from legs on a head, the check on the truth, it's shown as a God's scourge. All midpoints (restoring of the static balance) are connected with it. From the astronomical point of view it's invisible (astral) planet rotating around the Sun in reverse with 108 years cycle.

The Rapitvina and Aza deserve a separate description, as they are especial astrological artifacts, which cannot be referred to any certain group of hypothetical planets. Rapitvina sometimes carry to the Guards of Heaven together with Vaksya and Rasi. Then the total quantity of the Guards turns out equally seven. However classical variant is the four Guards and planets, contiguous to them: Vaksya stands above all them, Rasi is female half of one of the Guards, and Rapitvina as a reminder on the lost Paradise.

Rapitvina is an Ideal Earth having a cycle equal 360 days, not modern days (the terrestrial day is making longer, thus these 360 days time interval is little shorter then modern 360 days time interval). So, the Rapitvina orbit lays slightly closer to the Sun, than the orbit of the real Earth, and because of this the very interesting effect arises when the "connection" of the Earth and Rapitvina appears. As Rapitvina is gone little bit faster, than the Earth, each 69 years it "catches up" the Earth and passes at the minimal distance with it. Such two connections occurred in 1922-23, when USSR was just formed, and in 1991, when USSR was disorganized, and a new Russia together with other countries of CIS came on its place. Rapitvina gives aspiration to an ideal, desire to return Golden Age on the Earth right now, in a word, it is Utopia, insuperable desire to embody utopia dream. In different time this dream can be different, but the essence remains the same.

Demoness Az, being an embodiment of fear, horror, and principle of annihilation, was not such awful all the time. Astronomically it represents "astral trace" of the third Earth satellite with 69 days cycle. It is not surprising, that Aza resist to 69 years Rapitvina. According to one of the versions, the third satellite of the Earth called Ushtra, was broken in a dust during one of cosmic catastrophes happened in Solar system. From this moment the point, where Ushtra was earlier, became annihilator, funnel, symbol of destruction of a matter for the Earth, and that is demoness Az. The insatiable desire to swallow up it all, suck out all life, it is bottomless barrel.

Little bit more simple situation with transplutonian hypothetical planets. While the astronomers have not got so deeply into space to open planets with cycles more than 350 years, these planets can give chance of real existence.

Proseprine, connected with faith, with superior manifestation of the soul, with religious system which you follows, with your choice, and also with alchemy of the body. It is superior Saturn, super-system, where is important each triviality. It is connected with alchemical mutation, transformation and regeneration, including the cold nuclear synthesis.

Isis, Spiritual Mother, superior Moon. It gives cleanse and transformation, it's connected with alchemy of soul. Isis gives vent to the man the cosmic waters washing off all evil and filth, bringing his soul in primary, clarified condition.

Osiris, Spiritual Father, judge on posthumous court, planet of retribution. Osiris is superior Sun. It's connected with alchemy of spirit, total and irreversible changes in life. Operates judicial system, system of recompense for all good and evil.

Anubis, Messanger. It's connected with shamanism, dialogue to spirits, with forces of nature. A planet of healing, intermediary between the different worlds, for example, between the world of the people and world of animals and plants. Anubis is connected also with raising from the dead, to talent of ecologist.

Copyright © 1996, Albert Timashev
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