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Avestan Symbols for Meditation 1.0

These symbols have been invented by Pavel Globa on his lectures and recommended as the symbols for meditation. It's generally known that only Fravahar is truly zoroastrian symbol, therefore Author cannot define the origin of these symbols, but they don't look less beautifully because of that.

Vohu Mana, Good Thought, Mercury
Arta, Truth, Light Moon
Sraosha, Carrier of Divine Knowledges, Chiron
Spenta Armaiti, Holy Devoution, Venus
Zervan, Unlimited Time (male), Universe
Zervan, Unlimited Time (female), Universe
And in the end the symbol developed by me. This is a symbol of the course of time, imitates the Zodiac as double-svastic of double-spiral, and also the elementary cause-consequence link.
    Minimal hardware requirements:
  • 386SX precessor
  • 640 Kb RAM
  • VGA or SVGA video card
  • 1 Mb free space on hard drive
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