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Future Scanner 1.1Future Scanner 1.1
Future Scanner is created with the purpose of research of a resonance between a current geocosmic situation and the Earth nousphere. The basic methods included into the program allow to determine an important periods of life of the concrete person, organization or state, to determine the characteristics of those periods, and also to analyze a situation on the Earth as a whole on the given time interval.

Future Scanner allows to analyze a geocosmic situation, representing it by the way of visual graph calculated on a basis of planets of the Solar system positions relative to the Earth or a concrete place on its surface. The system of weights allows to select an influence by one or several planets from the geocosmic situation at whole. More details...

    Minimal hardware requirements:
  • 486DX processor
  • 8 Mb RAM
  • 640x480, 256 colors video mode
  • mouse
  • Windows'95

    Recommended hardware configuration:
  • Pentium 120 processor
  • 16 Mb RAM
  • 800x600, 64k colors video mode
  • mouse
  • Windows'95
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Consulting Service of the Russian Professional Astrology
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