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Program Complex VegaSviri
Fund of temporal problems, analysis and forecast

VegaSviri Standard
The astrological program Vega Sviri Standard for Windows is a basic astrology research program developed by the Fund of Temporal Research, Analysis and Forecast. It has been designed for both amateur astrologers and professional researchers. Along with the basic application, the package includes group forecast feature which exists only in VegaSviri and enables making forecast for little or middle groups. Also program contains a horoscope interpretation software, which provides general personality and other themes of interpretation. Freeware.
VegaSviri Professional
VegaSviri Professional is a perfect tool for practicing and professional astrologers. It includes all necessary features: Horoscope calculation, horoscope rectification, dynamic forecasting feature, which makes forecasting for individuals and groups easy and accurate, geo-mapping feature, report writer, which includes 5 different themes of reports. In page designer you may create attractive documents. It's a program for those, who knows for what he pays.
VegaSviri Expert
VegaSviri Expert is the professional astrology software that allows to create teams, to sort out persons for any task, to analyze groups for compatibility, to reveal the hidden correlation inside the group and much more. Besides, this program would be very useful for beginners, as under every element of a chart it contains a text, describing it's position. You wouldn't believe it until you see how it works.
VegaSviri Horar
The astrological program VegaSviri Horary for Windows 95/98/ME is designed for analyzing horary charts and providing their readings. This program is a part of the astrological research package developed by the Temporal research foundation. It has been designed with both amateur astrologers and professional researchers in mind. One of the best features of the VegaSviri programs is their user-friendly interface that saves on endless menu browsing and multiple button pushing.
Now you no longer need any astrological knowledge at all to be able to learn about yourself and your friends. eSybill is a brand new, unique program. Just enter a person's date, place and time of birth into a simple form and instantly you can see a full psychological text profile, a clear, diagram of personality structure, an easy-to-understand visual graphical forecast showing, Health, Business, Love, Stress, customizable for a day, week or month from any date, a separate forecast for each of these areas, the compatibility between two people.
Neuro Hit!
Neuro Hit! is the system for astrological neural network (NN) forecasting of financial indices. Several companies and individual researchers have released a number of NN programs that employ neural networks for solving various tasks. However, none of them cover the idea of using astrological data as forecast logic. Standard software programs are not designed with this feature in mind, as it requires a large amount of preliminary operations to create a new neural network. Luckily, Neuro Hit! fills this gap. It can be used for the NN forecasting of financial indices and for the quotations of bonds, stocks and other securities based on astrological data. This system helps to create combined, multi-layered, and non-homogeneous networks with activation (or transfer) rates that re-adjust themselves as a part of the learning process.

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