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Antares 5.1
Kiev School of Astrology - 2001

Antares is created to perform astrological calculations used in Complex Prediction Technique". In this version of the program the automatic horoscope rectification, nine systems of houses, orbs' setting at the user request, relocation and many other things are possible.

Antares 5.1 minimal hardware requirements: DOS or Windows, 640 Kb RAM, 4Mb free on the hard disk, VGA color monitor 640x480.

The program is distributed as ant51en.exe self-extracting file. Install it on the hard disk and extract, -- the ANTARES.5-1 directory, containing the RADIX, FORECAST, RECTIF, UTIL folders, and also antares.exe and readme.txt files will be created. Begin with reading (or rather -- printing out) the readme.txt file and further follow the guidelines, stated in it. We would remind: Supplement 2 to Complex prediction technique contains the similar text in the format MS Word.

The offered version of the program is demo, at absence of the key file, automatic horoscope rectification can be executed only for people born in 1963. The full version of Antares 5.1 is for charge; if you are interested in it, email me and I'll explain to you, what you have to do.

All questions, wishes and remarks please email to Vitaly Krivodub.

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