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Phaethon 1.4
Phaethon 1.4 is created with the purpose of asteroids coordinates calculation, asteroids classification, storing and editing their descriptions. The complete version of the program includes all currently numbered asteroids and free regular updates of new numbered asteroids (the registered users can get these updates for FREE and pay for delivery only).

New features of Phaethon 1.4:
  • sort by sense groups (asteroids are placed in the list in accordance with their sense group and priority within it)
  • diameters and orbital parameters view
  • sort by diameters and orbital parameters (inclination, period and eccentricity)

The asteroids classification includes the following groups (one asteroid may be included into one or more groups):

  • Mythological (with Zodiac signs subclassification)
  • Geographic (with division onto exUSSR and World geographic names)
  • Names (with division onto names, famous people and legendary persons)
  • Ideas and Conceptions
  • Far Planetoids (so called Centaurus and Kuiper belt)
  • Retro-orbit Planetoids

The demo version of Phaethon 1.3 contains 64 asteroids (asteroids selection was made so that all asteroids groups are represented in demo version as far as possible): 1 Ceres, 2 Pallas, 3 Juno, 4 Vesta, 5 Astraea, 6 Hebe, 7 Iris, 8 Flora, 9 Metis, 10 Hygiea, 15 Eunomia, 16 Psyche, 17 Thetis, 18 Melpomene, 19 Fortuna, 54 Alexandra, 67 Asia, 144 Vibilia, 170 Maria, 232 Russia, 265 Anna, 424 Gratia, 584 Semiramis, 719 Albert, 787 Moskva, 789 Lena, 916 America, 944 Hidalgo, 1044 Teutonia, 1154 Astronomia, 1495 Helsinki, 1613 Smiley, 1716 Peter, 1724 Vladimir, 2001 Einstein, 2048 Dwornik, 2060 Chiron, 2170 Byelorussia, 2171 Kiev, 2208 Pushkin, 2232 Altaj, 2311 El Leoncito, 2809 Vernadskij, 2843 Yeti, 2991 Bilbo, 3162 Nostalgia, 3317 Paris, 3552 Don Quixote, 3568 ASCII, 3753 Cruithne, 3811 Karma, 3849 Incidentia, 4001 Ptolemaeus, 4220 Flood, 4399 Ashizuri, 4457 van Gogh, 4559 Strauss, 4780 Polina, 4950 House, 5164 Mullo, 5325 Silver, 5451 Plato, 6630 Skepticus, 7066 Nessus.

    Phaethon 1.3 (demo) minimal hardware requirements:
  • 386+387 processors
  • 640 Kb RAM + 386 Kb EMS
  • 2 Mb free space on hard drive
  • Phaethon 1.4 (full version) minimal hardware requirements:
  • 386+387 processors
  • 640 Kb RAM + 1 Mb EMS
  • CD-ROM
  • 2 Mb free space on hard drive
  • Phaethon 1.4 recommended hardware configuration:
  • Pentium-4 processor
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • CD-ROM
  • from 2 Mb to 3 Gb of free space on hard drive
    The full version of Phaethon 1.4 costs 199 US dollars and availabale for purchase:
  • on-line, by fax or by phone with a help of ShareIt! system
    The following payment methods are accepted: Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club, bank transfer/wire, check, cash.
  • by mail order or by meeting author in person
    Payment by cash or bank transfer.
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