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Advices on working with the Phaethon program
by Vitaly Vetash & Semira

Authors of the Phaethon program:
Programming & calculations -- Albert R. Timashev
Classification and interpretations -- Vitaly Vetash & Semira

Program "Phaethon" for DOS calculates ephemeris of about 12,000 asteroids from 1500 to 2200 AD with a minute precision. A demo-version calculates ephemeris of 64 asteroids.
    Asteroids are classified and their categories are marked out by different colours:
  • mythological (purple). Mythological asteroids are classified according their archetypical significance (myth-Aries, myth-Taurus) and the interpretation of mythological plots and meaning of the asteroids are given (in Russian and in English).
  • geographical (green)
  • widespread names (yellow)
  • famous people (blue)
  • legendary persons (white)
  • conceptions (red)
  • far asteroids (cyan); and retrograde asteroids with transpluto orbite (calculations for the last groop will be done in perspective).
  • actual (brown). An astrologer can form the list of asteroid, which are usually actual for his work. In our variant 1500 asteroids with the most interesting names are chosen as actual.
  • working list (blue-gray)
  • inactive (light-gray). These are the asteroids, that would not be useful in the astrological work (mainly the names of the astronomers and asteroids that haven't yet a name but only a number).
You may change the category of any asteroid (by pressing a SPACE BAR, with the cursor in the column of classification).

The program allows:
  • to select for calculation and work one kind of the asteroids (for example, geo when you investigates the possibilities of changing the place of living, or myth-Pisces when you deal with psychic problems) -- (key F7)
  • to sort the asteroids according their coordinates or names, numbers, categories or technical parameters -- (key F6)
  • to calculate the conjunctions of asteroids with planets (and positions in houses) of a given chart -- (F3). Table of ephemeris of planets arises by pressing F8 (the conjunctions of asteroids with cusps of houses aren't included in demo-version).
  • to find asteroids by their numbers or names or by the conjunction with planets (by writing number or several first letters of name or planet, with the cursor in a corresponding column)
  • to add some information to the description of any asteroid if necessary (key F4 -- editing)
  • to save the corrected version of the program (key F2)
  • to save the calculated data a file -- (key F5) (and then to print it, exiting out of the program -- key F5, prn)
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